Sapphire+ Breeding Questions

Hello everyone,
Tagging @TheRedDelilah because she made the breeding guides and is very good with breeding paths.

I have a few questions regarding breeding and breeding paths:

If I’m a low spender (elite and rarely a value pack) with Vulcan, Kelvin, Rizar, Kaiju and Sekhem, which path is recommended the most and why? So far I have been following “The Best Breeding Path.”

  1. Red’s A&A 3
  2. Red’s Icicle 1 (I think this is the “Best Breeding Path.”)
  3. Red’s A&A 2
  4. Any others?

Not too important but is there any way to backbreed apophet instead of mehaten on some of the A&A paths? OR backbreed mehaten on Icicle 1 instead of paying full for apophet?

The rest of the paths either require too much of a change or don’t acquire the dragons that are desirable. I want to go Hauheset - A&A or Icicle - Any Emerald Legendary (Ferga, Deci prefered) -Any Emerald Mythic - Noctua

I heard that going for Icicle will allow me to get the garnet builder hut eggs faster but that doesn’t concern me too much.

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You wanna pay full for APO to get the sapphire eggs for builders hut.

im using AA3 so far so good because it is the lowest cost

I’m poking at Sapphire door, or should I say wall, and I already have chosen my path even though Hauheset will be longer to get.

Icicle 4
S Rhyo 1 or S Mafic 1

That is… If I don’t end up torn with impatience and quit the game. I know what’s ahead of me and it’s awfully not appealing.

To me it’s too expensive just for the 12 builder hut eggs that I need. I think I’ll get some from hauheset, some from iteru so it should be fine. I can find a back breed in garnet to finish up some sapphire eggs. (12.5k per egg)

Sounds good! That path looked appealing to me but I’m still deciding

Up to you buddy, but anything but full cost APO will mean you wait wait wait to level your builders hut :man_shrugging:


Okay I worked out a plan to get me the research eggs on the same step for both paths (Icicle 1 and A&A 3).
A&A 3: Ursa + Frosty = Mehaten (28k tokens)
This is the same step as apophet (200k tokens) on Icicle 1. Since there is only 2 builder hut upgrades that require sapphire eggs, only 8 in total is needed. Before the mehaten backbreed, 4 eggs are already obtained (shown on red’s Guide). So I only need 4 more sapphire eggs for the builder. I found that Ursa+Frostbiter= Sekhem for 13.9k tokens. This means I’ll gain 2 sapphire eggs on Mehaten backbreed and I’ll continue breeding until I get 4 sapphire eggs from Mehaten back breed.

Total cost: 55.6k on Mehaten backbreed to obtain builder hut eggs VS 200k on full price Apophet to obtain builder hut.

I’m wondering why it says “none,” for research/builder eggs for Mehaten’s backbreed.

I think I’ve decided to go on A+A 3 but will still consider any feedback here…

Ursa + Frosty doesn’t give you Sekhem.

Ursa + Frosty = Mehaten for 28k correct - that’s because Mehaten is 71% chance of fragment in that breed. So you won’t get any extra sapphire eggs doing that combo.

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You sure? It says Ursa+Frost= Sek

From @Sandberg’s dragon manager site.

Read to the right - what does it say?

Hint: It says “Removed”…


Oh, thanks for the help

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