Sapphire II Skygodz Looking for active players who want to have fun destroying stuff

Tired of the crazy drama? Feeling the pain of no one helping you grow? Disheveled from losing wars and dropping ranks in PvP events?

Then it is time to consider:


We are a very organized experienced team with many long-time diamond players. We are looking for 3 committed active adult players over level 150 that can:

• That can enjoy an active & fun group who likes to demolish teams in events and wars.
• Communicate actively and listen to directions
• Enjoy working as a team
• Destroy the base formerly known as Alal/banana
• Want to develop their Base & Dragons.
• Have fun in the new Atlas Game

We are a stable no nonsense team that will help any player develop and become a player to be feared. Wars are fought often and you need to participate to get 5 flames and as many defense points as possible.

Apply to the team even if we are full, or if you have any questions please ask away!

Hope to see you soon,

Topbrass, Smurf, Abbadan, Pappagripp, Wickedevey, Galbatorics, xTrentthecoldx, & Bacon

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We have 2 more spots! All are welcome to apply!

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Currently looking for a new team who cares about their team I am a level 195 with kinnaris as my stronger level 28 with others waiting

I am currently a level 195 looking for a home .kinnaris level 28! On the move hope you have an opening.

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Sent you some in game mail Tre :grin:

We just have 1 spot just opened. Apply or message if interested!

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