Sapphire stone Dragon

I just got my sapphire stone for the 3rd dragon caulthi or what ever it’s called and I cant lvl it up any is it a must to have 2 legendary dragons before lvl it into sapphire cause last I knew you could lvl it up like 3 lvls before needing a 2 legendary dragons I have one breed at the moment and its show its sapphire and I just got the stone


In short…

Level Stone Requirement
3 Green have Bred 2 Green Epic
6 Gold have Bred 1 Gold Legendary
8 have Bred 2 Gold Legendary
10 have Bred 1 Platinum Legendary
14 Platinum have Bred 2 Platinum Legendary
16 have Bred 1 Sapphire Legendary
20 Sapphire have Bred 2 Sapphire Legendary
23 Garnet have Bred 1 Garnet Legendary
27 have Bred 2 Garnet Legendary
31 Emerald have Bred 1 Emerald Legendary
36 have Bred 2 Emerald Legendary
38 Obsidian have Bred 1 Obsidian Legendary
42 have Bred 2 Obsidian Legendary
45 have Bred 1 Obsidian Mythic
49 Harbinger have Bred 1 Harbinger Legendary
53 have Bred 2 Harbinger Legendary
56 have Bred 1 Harbinger Mythic

Noob question here, but with Red’s best path by the time I meet the requirements for green tier I will already have multiple green legendaries before the epics. Would that meet the requirements or will I be waiting a while. My only divine is Coatl so I wouldn’t be missing out on too much. :joy::sob:


Yes, higher rarity dragons do count for the lower rarity requirements within the same tier. Though the text would be clunkier if it read “Breed two epic green dragons (or higher) in order to continue leveling this dragon.”

And just remember, the dragons need to be hatched not just bred in order to count.


Thank you! <3


What she said :point_up:t2:

I have an experience to the contrary.

My alt cannot evolve Axi until she breeds one epic orange dragon. The little monster is completely unimpressed with her level 14 Amarok, an orange legendary.


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That is really weird. I don’t think I’ve run into that issue in past seasons with my alt. Then again, I haven’t been doing it with dragons that start at red tier and the divines on my alt can’t go past green right now due to the alt’s low level (71).

Axi is a different beast sine it starts at red instead of orange like most normal divines.

Maybe Axi doesn’t have the orange legendary trumps an epic. I know some people who did a green legendary and epic and it counted for 2 epics.

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