Sapphire Team - Looking for atlas players!

Obsidian & up, 8th team achievement, quests/wars all that good stuff :wink:
Very active team (KittyNSausage) looking for a couple Atlas players after event!
MessGe me in game or here :man_shrugging: Twitchx

Not sure if I should suggest to close the previous one -as it is 26 days old without any replies- or bump it. :thinking:

Or we can bump both, and create 3 more :man_shrugging: Surely it will be seen then :wink: @Mahdur


Bump! :grin:

Looking to replace 2 spots ASAP!

Bump, looking to replace a couple after event

8th achievement, quests, atlas players with 200k+ troops obsidian and up but will consider if slightly below as long as meet all other requirements

Bump Bump…

Have a couple spots opening up at end of event! :grin:

Send me an invite

I think generally there’s more involved when being accepted to a sapphire team :thinking: