Sapphire2 - MadTeaParty - Recruiting 500+

My old thread closed and I gave up trying to reopen it, so here is a new one.

Sapphire 3 MadTeaParty🏴‍☠️ is looking for a few more
players (atlas killers) after the current event.

Have you heard of us?

If yes,
We are a pirate team that is pretty fucking active, 40m+ monthly kills is normal, most seen was in 60m but we plan to break that. We get around, so you might have seen us or maybe heard a whisper. Whatever you have heard, one thing should stand out - to piss people off you have to be active and not just the normal amount. Think about it, and if you would like to see what we are for yourself hit me up with an applicantion.

If not,
That’s ok. What you should know about us, is we are a pirate team that kicks ass and has high morale. We live for atlas, everything is a competition between members and that is a good thing. We stick up for each other, defend together, and have made it through some pretty rough times over and over again, so, we trust ourselves to keep pushing forward.

:small_orange_diamond: 8/8 is ALWAYS met
:small_orange_diamond: 9/10 team chest, working on it
:small_orange_diamond: Typically top 50 (top 100 on a bad day) global for glory hunt
:small_orange_diamond: Pirate ta with teammates sniping multiple times a day, planned raids, and conquers
:small_orange_diamond: Yes we do in fact have castles, more or less, currently 684
:small_orange_diamond: Amazing coordination and response time for events and atlas

:small_blue_diamond: LV500+ or close to it
:small_blue_diamond: 8/8 achievement
:small_blue_diamond: 5/5 quest
:small_blue_diamond: No war misses - but seriously what are those
:small_blue_diamond: No atlas zeroes
:small_blue_diamond: 350k monthly kills, preferably higher
:small_blue_diamond: Be atlas-driven and eager to snipe, raid, and earn your very own hate mail
:small_blue_diamond: Have a good base/DP or be working on it
:small_blue_diamond: A mail saying you will be absent for an event should you have something come up - we are forgiving but not if you leave us in the dark!

PM me if interested or mail me on game, questions are welcome, people who can not make those requirements but want to encouraged to mail too. We strive for atlas and always want to do better. If you are as crazy as us you will do just fine.



Do you think you have what it takes to piss people off easily? Think again.

Can you top that? I didn’t think so. Checkmate. If you got the balls to try, I will gladly accept your challenge with an application to our team, and will expect an even funnier hate mail or absurdity within your first month of joining :rofl:. We are pirates, and we have a fanbase, if you got quite the following yourself we may be your cup o’ tea.

Cheers :beers:

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New season is starting after this event, its the perfect time to switch things up, grab your tea, and check us out. Looking for atlas killers and those with drive and passion. Hit me up in game if you are interested.


The new atlas season is starting soon. Are you where you need to be?

If you got any doubt, come and apply. From there we have a leadership chat you will be invited to where we can get to know you better, and you can see if we are right for you.


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For future applications please note!

We have upped our standards and now require 350k kills per month.

We are hot :fire: and in demand. We have a bunch of killers, we got our targets :dart: and we are gonna have some fun :smiling_imp:.

If you want to join us, please give accurate notice! We always want more killers, but you may need to wait a week for a space to open. I might like you, but not enough to kick a good player so if you cant understand that, look elsewhere.

I am also looking for players to join a friend team BlitzKingz and raise them up. Applications are welcome to hang out there until we have space for you, and for those under req to train there. We got a bunch of old teammates there, and while theyre not us, we love them too.

Thanks :hocho:

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Take a look at what my friend made us :eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

MadTeaParty Trailer

We have spots open for after breeding. For atlas killers, for those who love to wreck shit up and have a blast doing so. We have had an amazing week and we are just warming up. If interested send an application and we will reach out to you, cheers :pirate_flag:


We are Sapphire 2 for this pvp, trying new things!

Got space for any killers wanting to wreck havoc with us :sunglasses:

See yall around :smiling_imp:


We ranked 29th global for glory hunt :pirate_flag:
Always looking to improve and recruit more like minded people, the game is more fun that way! So come and see what we are all about.


Guess what

Chicken butt :yum:

Month isnt over yet, no cg swaps, 67m kills. We are getting into the 70s for sure :pirate_flag::fire:

If you want activity… we got it.

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These are our end of month stats :eyes::partying_face:


Woow wooww wooowwww :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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