Saturday or Sunday to start event


will you guys agree if event start at holiday?


I’m not sure I understand the question?



I think they are talking about Christmas being on a Tuesday???


But wouldnt the event then be on. a Wednesday?


:roll_eyes: Thursday. Early in the morning…


I’m so confused by this entire thread…and the replies lol… I’m just gonna stare at my phone… its 3 am… and my brain obvi isnt working lol


each new event (major or minor) since the first time i play this game, i have to wait in the thursday or wednesday for some player? if PG could change event by Saturday or sunday, it will help a lot of player


So would the event go all week then? So Saturday to Friday or Sunday to Saturday.


Agree on this, new event start at saturday and ending at thursday.


It’s a good suggestion but I don’t think it will happen because PG has said in the past that it takes a “tremendous” amount of work to start an event, and Saturday or Sunday they probably wouldn’t want to be doing that much work, if they even go to work.


That’s reasonable, i think my own benefit. I forgot they are people with family and other activity.

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It’s not a holiday for everyone, just saying…


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