hi i was wondering if there was a whey to get my old account back. any help would be greatly appreciated.


You’re going to need to contact support. You can do this by making a new account and opening a ticket ingame.

Do you by any chance have a screenshot of your player ID? (the number found in your settings). If you do, attach it to your ticket.

Did you connect your game to either Facebook or GooglePlay or the equivalent of that on Apple? If you did, provide the name of your Facebook account or GooglePlay/Apple ID (just the name, not the password).


ok google play but the email that i used for that account is gone


i just screen shot my pocket id


how do i open a ticket in game


This is how you file a ticket in game for support:

Following steps

on Android

on iOS


Motorola Android 9 Incompativel com Atlas

No I meant the Pocket ID of your old account. It has no use to make a screenshot of your new pocket ID.

To make a ticket, go to ‘settings’, then click ‘help’, click the ‘+’ sign, and explain your situation. I need to warn you, if you don’t have the original Pocket ID screenshotted, and you do not have access to the Google Play account that it was attached to, the chance that support can help you out are slim.


there is nothing there for open a ticket or where is my old account


Did you click on the “following steps” for the type of device you are using? It has pics of that part of the process hidden. Just click the little triangle next to iOS or Android, depending on the device you use. (Android in your case since you are talking about the google play store.)

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ok i see i found it

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Ya just tell em your issue. Try and provide as much detail as possible. Then when you get a useless response, probably pm Arelyna or something to see if she can help.


the problem is, is that i dont remember the pocket id of the old account


thank you it would be a shame to loose that account i spent good money on it


Hmm, that would be a problem, and one I’m not sure how to fix.


wicked bummer


i sent them my old email an the kind of phone the old account was linked to


if it is gone its gone i have already started ova but if there is a chance to get it back ill try it lol. i wrote everything down this time around lol


I hope you can get this figured out :hugs:


You can log in with the old email and say forgot password. They will send mail to your old email to reset the password. Then log in again with your email and the new password.


He no longer has access to that old email though…