Save My Reputation


Noble forumgoers, I need your help.

Unwisely, I decided to have fun being a Viking Scout a day early. And lo and behold, the portraits have indeed been removed. (How did PG do it so fast? :thinking:)

So now, I’m stuck with this portrait, which showcases my noobery in only getting Portia to her first shards :frowning: I’ve switched portraits five times, and logged out and in to the forums five times. I’m still noob Portia (on the forums, that is. The game likes me more, I think.)

Will my moment of folly condemn me to wander forums with a shitty portrait(it’s not even green!) for the rest of time? :frowning: Advice appreciated.

Inn confused about this 🧐

If it makes you feel any better, this is a randomly assigned name, and I can’t get it changed to my IGN


At least you can troll forums and not have people track you down by your IGN!

But yeah. My pain is probably very similar. :sob:


Forever a Poortia. Serves you right for abusing a display glitch smh


dials PGSupport :eyes:

Rich of you to say that.


I’ve been stuck with sylphens portrait since getting it and it won’t change no matter what i do @_@
I guess tha’ts not as bad as portia though lol




:eyes: PG intends to build an army of shitty Portia clones?


Your first mistake was picking Portia at all over the best green avy :smiling_imp:


You should check me out ingame :wink:

Though, I’ve never used the Portia portrait under my own will. The game defaulted me to this :frowning:


Most ironic and hilarious comment award goes to…


Try this. Change your avatar in game and log in to the forums in game.


Lmaoooo! LuckyDucky is amazing name :joy_cat:


This is new :rofl::joy: don’t worry you will soon be brainwashed and join the army of Portia clones!


I wouldn’t worry too much unless you all start humming in Unison.


Have you tried logging out of the forums and logging back in? My portrait here (Malus) is not what I have in-game. Eventually it changes on its own but I’ve found it takes a while.


@Mistborn20 @CaptBuckRogers



Looks like you are condemned :joy:


Six times now. :cry:

Time to make a new forum account.


Nooooo don’t do that :pleading_face: