Save My Reputation


ObliterhatesPG? :thinking:


Make a ticket? :woman_shrugging:


If I was pg I would give a free portrait as a compensation :stuck_out_tongue: and I mean it


:disappointed_relieved: I did not think of that; but, it’s pretty low priority? Wouldn’t want to saddle support with any more requests than necessary.

I’ll bother them later!


as if support would help u :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean, I’m probably the one person that’s had only good experiences with support? Which is why I enjoy supporting them in the background when I can :kissing:

Then again, that may have been the influence of my old portrait or something.


my ticket has since mid october still not solved , I get an answer that they cant give me an ETA , lets not mentions tons of other players that get automatic answer


Have you tried deleting the game, reinstalling it, and then logging into the forums from in game? Maybe that could work? :woman_shrugging:


Oddly enough, I did that for an Atlas issue last night. Lots of pain waiting 1h for all the files to download but nope, nothing changed here as a side effect. .-.


Bummer :frowning:


I like the 1st portrait. She’s pretty lol. I don’t use it but… I still got it


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