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I am planning to save most of summer season. I spend money here and there but will be traveling over the summer so I won’t be spending any money over the next season. I plan on hitting highest team achievement each event or as close as I can depending on which league I’m in(I’m in gold right now, but plan to go to sapphire after I breed garnet). I am wondering how many chests (bronze and gold) I would need to save in order to get the discount dragon in the fall season?

Also, how many rubies should I save up if I do not have enough chests? Unless I’m running low on pvp supplies, I don’t plan on opening any chests. Also, I will continue paying for elite each month. I’m hoping timers from atlas will suffice and I do not need timers from chests. Opinions and thoughts appreciated. I’m level 130 and I would say I average around 100-150k medals daily. More on the weekends when I don’t have work.

Also, I tried looking for a thread that already discussed this but couldn’t find one. Feel free to close and link if one already exists. :slight_smile:

Not sure about rubies, but this season I had 2500 bronze and 250 gold iirc. That was enough to get all of Haku, as well as the 100% egg bonus.

This was discussed in this thread, you might want to take a look at it ^

:scream: That’s a lot…
Is it Haku during discount, or during an entire season?

Haku and egg bonus all in first week

Wow, I had to open twice as many to get the same , and the masochist in me keeps coming back for more

This season I started with 100k rubies, 320ish gold and 2900 bronze. That, along with the first two events got me Haku when I opened during Gauntlet. Then with the 100 chests from Haku and spending 40k of the rubies I opened 200 gold during Fort which really helped with progress and got me the 100% token boost. After that I just opened the chests from events and Kazane during pvp events and planned out how far I’d get and how much I’d need to use to get there for each event and only used rubies for grinding egg tokens or occasionally opening some more gold chests when I wanted to push harder in a pvp

Im starting Summer with 1300 bronze (plus whatever I get during token grinding this last week), 100k rubies and 200 gold chests. How I use those though will depend on what they do with this upcoming season and this new dragon class :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


I think if I recall correctly I used 2.5k -3k bronze for haku discounted and 100% token boost along with 100 gold or so. Ended the season with only spending 40k rubies to get ronin by the last event. If you see a mythic you like I suggest going for it

ooohh - 2x the inhalation!

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Awesome, thank you guys. I’m guessing 3.5k (to be safe) for bronze and around 200 for gold that I need to save over the summer. This thread can be closed.

I am saving 30K bronze and 400 gold chests for fall.

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I hope I don’t get any itchy fingers and can save the same amount. How many chests do you plan to get weekly?

Summer Season:
I opened 13,000 bronze chests. That was enough for Discount50% dragon + some leftover sigils.
I then opened 800 gold chests. That got me to the 2nd to last line of the Rider. Still need approximately 10,000 sigils to finish the rider.

The 13,000 bronze chests were saved from previous season.
The 800 gold chests included the chests I received when opening the current prize lines.

Hope this helps for those saving for the mythic. It’s really not an easy or cheap task.
All you need to do is put a virtual price on what I opened and be awed by how much it costs for a mythic every 3 months.


I usually save rubies the last half of the season and chests the last month. Usually start the season with around 100 golds, 0 bronze, and 50k rubies. I usually blow most resources in the first PvP. And finish the discount dragon. After that I use the chest predictor to target sigil hot spots. My team is Sapphire and gets the 1200 sigil prize a little over 50% of the time. I am elite only and can usually do a mythic every season if desired. I usually only grab the hunters but will probably grab the invoker this season. The seasons without a hunter or garbage dragons in general my activity just drops a bit. (Run supers vs grinding singles in PvPs for example)


VERY solid advice for getting the biggest bang for the buck. :facepunch:

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