Saving Bronze Chest for the Next Event

Is it okay if I save bronze chest for the next event?


Highly recommended
Including Silver and Gold. Opening them at different events will have different result.


Thanks for the answer hehe I was afraid that I might lost those chest lol so I ask.

You wont.
Any chest you get (except Atlas Badge Chest) will not disappeared.
Only sigils disappeared if not used. (At the end of season)


Great thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:


@OrcaFrost why silver? I get gold and bronze

The runes in silver chests vary from week to week as well, as does the order. They are not bound to particular events though, so you’ll have to check each week what’s on order.


As Morreion said, the runes change every event, as well as the position.

Having more silver chest add more chance to get “good runes” (Mythic rage is available each event, but the position changes).
It is recommended to make a note on where your position is, for Silver Bonus and Legendary Dragon (this is the most important, as Runic is affected too).
Once you know your position, you can guess whether you should open chests or not.

Hold on, whats this about silver chests also changing droprates?

edit: oh wait nvm

Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

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