Say no to 2 events at a time

Guys, please stop the two events idea. I always report every season when this happens. App keeps crashing and app doesn’t open many times. Scared of this I always keep myself low active in this week. And why there is no option for feedback or vote session from gamers end. We may ask opinion among ourself and vote with options. This is also not available. The main focus of this topic is I keep asking for help and nothing works. I use both android and iPhone. Android is very slow. iPhone is loading faster. I always choose better one. In this case my game slows down this week. Kindly requesting you to not come up with two events together. Even atlas event is not opening. I hate this week event.

The feedback for assault has been very positive.

I use an apple device, and doesn’t happen to me.


If you’re referring to the combination of breeding and Assault/Dungeons events… I don’t think they’re stopping that any time soon, and I surely hope they don’t either. Both are fun, and both give decent rewards.

That doesn’t sound like a problem with the event.

As Czar said, a vast majority of players seem to actually like Assault, me included. There was lots of excitement in the Official Assault Discussion Thread, some coming from me as well.

Well, I’m sorry to say that the ones that object this would be outnumbered by those that are fond of it :grimacing:

Well, players have been experiencing problems with Atlas after the unshuffle (I’m not one of them). That could be why you’re having problems with the Atlas event.


It’s awful you’re not able to get in to the events, hopefully eventually things will work better for you.

I don’t think you’ll get much support here though, most agree that breeding is super boring so it’s nice having assault with it.


Im on a somewhat old android (S8+) and havent had any issues other than the usual terrible atlas lag and one very bad war lag where it actually skipped from turning into 6 and suddenly I was facing 5. But that happened when multiple defenders joined

The event however has been just fine and personally I love when they do double events since we actually have stuff to do. Plus the prizes for Assault are pretty decent


Sorry that you’re having problems but it doesn’t sound like a problem with the game as much as your device/s and internet.
It’s working fine for me and I have had internet - anytime a defender joins my dragons flap in place… but I have no problem with loading both events.
I live the extra prizes from assault/dungeons and it certainly gives you something to do after you’ve bred the dragon.


Leave assault alone! (In the famous ‘Leave Britney alone’ voice)

My precioussss~


^^^^ THAT!
Avoid bagging on Assault. Lots of players, like me, think it’s the best event by a LONG SHOT.


Tried submitting a ticket already?
Also, can help sharing what device / OS version you’re using.


No issues for me. Android 10 on a Samsung S10.

Maybe it’s your phones memory the reason it’s crashing or you have apps in the background running

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I love assault… extra 1200 sigils, 28000+ egg tokens and 45 gold chests :blush: is awesome… I’d like for it to be available with fort as well lol


Yeb I would like it to run along side every breeding and dungeon every fort, it will be so fun

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Don’t like the event? Don’t bother with it. Problem solved.


I’m on apple iPad and been having issues every event that requires currency to attack, (energy and dungeon key) since the dungeon event this season.

Getting rid of to events, no support for that love the two events.

Fixing the crashes, ALL FOR IT.

you say there is no options to leave feedback well you just left feedback that you dont like 2 events at once.
and like you can see like myself we like the 2 events together and dont have any crashes problems.
i think you have a device issue.
hope you have less crashes in the future

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Well…one one side of the coin you have little activity due to this issue, which is not game wide as I play on both android phone and ipad and both are good.

On the other side of the coin they lose activity from thousands of other players after an hour as breeding event is finished and nothing else to do.

Breeding is by far the most boring event in this game and needs something to run alongside it to keep players interested.


I’m able to reply this after the 2 event has completed. I was just a watcher for comments. If I tap reply app crashes. It happens only when 2 event happens.

Agreed but the problem is I have asked for help in all the events and I get reply as restart, clear cache, delete and install again. These are the comments I always get and nothing works for me. Even I couldn’t reply u guys because of that event.

No. I always clear them whenever I play. And I turn off the notifications as well. Nothing runs in background. 7+ I’m using with 128gb. The bad thing was during the event reply button was also keep on crashing.