Scale Armor upgrade cost

As armor gets older/weaker in comparison to end game armor, should it not also receive a shard discount to upgrade it? @PGawal
Or a way for maxed armor to progress into the next tier of armor, like if you have a piece of elite armor have a button to consume a max elite to instantly get the elite to 6 or 7(6 is 1 below par%, 7 is equal%(for all but weapon/shield)

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While it sounds nice to have a way to merge older armour into new tiers, it would give an even larger advantage to long term atlas players who already have better stockpiles. New tiers starting at zero actually give new people a more equal footing to catch up. And for atlas players shard availability is pretty good already.


uh no
because if the path to feed armor tiers one into another existed, then they would be able to get a boost and gradually build it up without having to effectively stay at 0 till they reach max tier.
currently its like having to jump straight to the final tier of dragons. but under a system like this it would be more a kin to flowing up through the tiers.

while under the current system it is true it would amount to a shard stockpile, that may not remain the case with how pg likes to spike resource costs, and it also only holds true for either spenders or people who focus their atlas prizes on specific elements.

But the argument that new footing helps new players is completely fallacious, new players would be better of with scaling power, not all or nothing power. Especially players who don’t even have access to atlas and can only afford the weak armors.

That’s only true for long time atlas players who already have maxed sets. New players won’t level anything but elite if they have any clue and will be able to make use of those levels immediately.


If you’re targeting mythic, I guess you need to finish almost half the season before you can get a mythic piece.

But you can get and finish half a mythic set (two half mythic sets, even!) in a season. That’s really good and fast honestly. That you may be wearing level one legendary or elite until you get there is not fun, but…the gear system is pretty newb friendly, relative to other stuff in the game. Personally I think it’s not broke enough to fix it, especially compared to other much more broken parts.


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