Scale attack power of seasonal divines for orange tier to enhance diversity of runs in Shrine of Elements


During Temple Run when restricted to Orange tier dragons, it would be nice to have Divine dragons with attack power similar to Amarok or Ormarr when leveled to the just before green Stone evolution. This way those runs will be more enjoyable because a diverse selection of playstyles would become available. Very old Divine dragons like Ormarr can reach an effective and fun attack power level at Orange tier.

The newer divines in contrast are scaled to be around 1/10 as strong on Orange tier before the green evolution because there are only a few levels since hatching. This makes seasonal dragons with only the Orange Stone essentially unusable for Temple Run attacks.

A change to scale up initial attack power on new divines would have very little impact on the rest of the game but make Temple Run an even more enjoyable event. :grin:



I solo the temple guard with Amarok, the two boosts applied, AP around 535k. Simply sufficient.

Additional thought:

This event lets us use the dragons we had to bench. As these dragons are ours, the boosts, runes, research may be different for everyone. Any kind of scaling sounds weird to me.



Same… I feel the selection of dragons available at each tier is diverse enough, without trying to tackle something that in reality constitutes maybe what? 15 total minutes of an event that happens once every few months?

I’d prefer they spend time on more significant issues. Hell, fixing Ryuu is more impactful than working on this…



Alternatively maybe get a festive dragon and use it for this? I got last seasons festive specifically (more because I liked the look and wanted to collect it and figured why not) to use for this and if works just as well as amarok.



Yes, I did the same thing with Somnus leaving it at garnet, it works very well. My piont is that specifically for orange tier, it doesnt work.



I agree Amarok works. My piont is there are less options then there could be fairly easily. There is already scaling in place because the attack power maxes out before green, I’m just suggesting to raise the max for orange only. Does it still sound strange?



Many other suggestions (including Ryuu) would need significant code changes. This suggestion would require changing one number for future divines. I’d say that it’s doable, would increase enjoyment playing for those 15 minutes and provide motivation to spend more sigils getting additional dragons to Orange tier only.



My only point is that I don’t see the point of changing dragons specifically for one event when there are already dragons that can easily accomplish something in place.

I don’t know that it is as easy as you’re making it sound, and on the list of things that I believe the majority of the community wants, I doubt this is even a blip on the radar. But I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask. The worse that could happen is that PG would read it and then just decide to ignore it…



Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I see your point. I’m not trying to argue those points.

A simple adjustment next season from keeping attack power artificially low at Orange tier to making it what it should be for a Max level legendary Orange dragon can do only good things. More fun, no risk of it braking anything with new code, and possibly a little more revenue from players who have a reason to collect additional dragons now. I still say it is a pretty good suggestion. :grin::+1::v:



My orange Somnus does as good as Amarok in the shrine, even same power with runes and boosts, so I use him sometimes just for fun. Pretty sure other divines can do too, I just don’t have too many collected specifically in orange to compare. Hell, I even once used orange Gladicus for the fun of it, although we all know how trash he is :rofl: he died somewhere around 50% maybe less I don’t remember, but that still counts as an option heh XD
Don’t think scale is necessary, but those dragons need more care and attention to equip them right because of their weaknesses. You can also raise one rider, unequipped, specifically for temple raid to let him jump from one dragon to another if you want to have more variety.



Why should we?
Soon, we’ll have enough riders… Then we just need to spare them fully geared for Temple Raid, and use them for Rider Mission during other events.

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For example, Hildr at max orange level (2) has 94k attack power. With a set of lower level runes, boosts and a modest rider that goes to 210k. Whereas Amarok with a similar set has around 630k, or about three times as much.

Hildr and other divines are treated like epic orange dragons when they should be legendary orange dragons. That’s my point!

I’m glad you find Somnus useful. That happens to be a very good dragon. Pulling out and using other divines is fun, that’s my other point.

Why not make them as powerful as they should be, to have more fun? That’s my suggestion. Hope this clarifies.


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