Scale Final Event Points Cumulatively Upon League Advancement

I started on this suggestion in late-September, but never got around to posting it. I wanted to publish it now, as it is of great benefit to how players operate their seasons.

In a confounding way, final event prizes appear stratified by league, with no increase per each subleague advanced within each group. This is problematic in truth for a smorgasbord of reasons, such as the following:

  • While it does not directly encourage sandbagging, the current system is vapid, and fails at discouraging sandbagging. Altering the system such that prizes would rise in increments would likely discourage sandbagging, as the drive would be toward the extremity where the most scintillating of treasures are.

  • There is a striking lack of parity in rewards for the diversity of effort required/put in across various leagues and their respective subleagues. It strikes me as bizarre that Sapphire I is only restrictively capable of reaping prize quantities similar to those in Sapphire III—Platinum I to Platinum IV—onward from there.

Further on this count, it appears some modifications have recently been made to the system. Previously, it was such that final event prizes were dependent on the subleague in particular. Now, it appears the system has been more stratified concerning total league ranges. (The entirety of Platinum league reaps similar rewards, Sapphire league in its totality is similar to Platinum league in that rewards are variable from S1-S3, etc. The system is no longer a system that rewards individual subleagues, but treats the entire league as one.) This was a mistake on my part; it has always been this way. They just changed the model. Please disregard this.

  • Competition intensifies upon league advancement, and recedes in league descent. Activity levels in Platinum IV are not analogous to activity levels in Platinum I, Sapphire I follows a much more dynamic system than Sapphire III (excluding the fact that Sapphire is generally a competitive league), etc. Competition slopes upward per step up within a league, though with an ascending step into a more dynamic subleague, rewards remain as they were in the subordinate league. Competition levels increasing should be enough to warrant an increased reward distribution when a team moves upward in league.

Then increase the min to get to the 8/8 prize, the scaling makes sense :raised_hands:

I dont think increasing final 8/8 team prize would do anything against sandbagging.
increase final team prize or give more egg tokens and rewards in wars in an unexploitable way.

Why is that hard? Two product managers in their team can come up with something if they sit on it for a month or so. Yet PG dont want to address it even as an issue :person_fencing: So its on them for allowing such mechanics to exist

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It really wouldn’t though because you’d be talking about at most couple hundred which would not be discouraging at all compared to how much easier many of these events are in lower leagues and how much you’d save in rss.
Unfortunately most of the events like CC and TR are designed to reward sandbagging and people already dont care about losing out on a couple hundred sigils

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I was referring to the final prize that comes after the event ends, in the form of a chest; the prizes that are based on team ranking within a league (1-25), not the 8/8 prize. I guess I could have clarified that more.

A long long time ago, there was a proposal from Red to fix this. No idea why PG didn’t implement it.

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Looking at temple raid with all the extra points now i do think they should add prizes past 700k :thinking:

That’s even further from what I was talking about. :sweat_smile: — Although I don’t think your idea would hurt anyone.