SCALESOFFIRE has 3 spots open BRING your A1 from the DAY 1 with you!


Scales have 3 spots open for the smore involved player that understands wars are a must,and can check in 2-3 times a day. We a forward moving team that has a dedicated core of close to 65% members (leadership longer) of over a year. We have members so dedicated they set alarms to participate in the weee morning hrs !
Because they give so much it’s leadership responsiblity to make sure we do NOT hold inactive or non contributing members…:face_with_symbols_over We are looking for members that want a faster paced team but at same time understand we play for fun giggles and mayhem !! We do have rules and structure as any good team has and BecUse of these guildlines it has helped our team to grow. Simply rules !! war - participate in events we have set minimal rewards lvls that must be claimed. Stay active!! Contact myself IGN robyenu or any officer in SCALESOFFIRE (ps we have placed 1st or 3rd in all pvp events sense winter of last year and never below 4th in the non pvp events )


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