Scaling atlas invaders

Ok so since today towers need more dmg in atlas to get killed then yesterday. Why is this and why isnt there any notice about it…

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Yeah they gave us more xp that we asked for.

It is probably a better
Change but of corse when people asked for more xp I’m sure most felt it should be provided without increasing difficulty.

I’m now not able to solo a number of my baby dragons. But when I split xp on 2 dragons is usually slightly more than what I was getting before.

Basically it seems there are level caps where your towers increase by 5 levels at a time.

I went from having invader bases full of level 40 towers to having level 45 towers and I’m close to getting level 50 towers.

Good news is that i can now get more xp than was possible on any xp base using backup on my invader. So leveling obsidian and harbinger dragons is now much better with an easy way to get 364k base xp per run. (Before multis and other bonuses)

Nope not here still getting 105k xp from invader/mine/poacher its the same as i had before.

It was scaled up for those below L186 as well - unfortunate side effect, pretty much.

Already being discussed here:

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