Scaling Propositions 2.0


Hello, all! I was wanting to bring back my old post over the issues within the game regarding personal progression and Scaling problems that are making the game boring past platinum tier and level 35 towers. I am also including other points from my original thread in the old forums - Linked Yes, these topic are nearly the same but i am changing them slightly to conform to what has already been talked over on the old forums. So here we go:

Idea #1
My idea was to create a scaling system to allow the non-spenders to trail close enough behind that the game doesn’t implode. The third highest tier and below (till sapphire) are discounted to ~50% off, and the second highest tier is 25% off, with the top tier (for the time) being full price (145k for Legendaries, and 220k for Mythics). My idea involves reducing the number of fragments it takes for a dragon’s egg NOT the drop rate of eggs. It would look something like the following:

At this time Obsidian is the top tier
~50% off section of 3rd highest tier and below~
Legendary Sapphire Eggs: 300 fragments (now costing 75k tokens instead of 125k)
Mythics Sapphire Eggs: 500 fragments (now costing 97.5k tokens instead of 195k)

Legendary Garnet Eggs: 350 fragments (now ~83k tokens instead of 145k)
Mythic Garnet Eggs: 500 fragments (now 100K tokens instead of 220k)
-end section as for present tiers-

~25% off section of 2nd highest tier~
Legendary Emerald Eggs: 500 fragments (now ~100k tokens instead of 145k)
Mythics Emerald Eggs: 825 fragments (now 165k tokens instead of 220k)
-end of section for present tiers-

-Top tier with no discounts-
Legendary Obsidian Eggs: 700 Fragments (145k tokens)
Mythic Obsidian Eggs: 1100 fragments (220k tokens)
-end of section for present tiers-

If we use this idea of discounting tiers from sapphire+ then the non-spending player base would be able to better keep up with the seasonal release of dragon tiers. This also keeps the top tiers out of reach but allows the tiers to remain at the same price for the spenders to keep spending on, maybe even entice players who are close to spend just to get a head for once. Also, the mystic frags will gain value past sapphire, instead players will want be happy to use the 25-50 frags they have to get a more significant portion of the dragon they wanted.

Idea #2
The build times on buildings are way out of proportion to what they actually benefit the player. Why does the breeding castle, and incubator take 20days to complete after level 5? I can understand a single week or two weeks but a month to build something that doesn’t give any Xp??? WHY? This could be overlooked if we had more timers/larger timers, but it’s come to the point where I am equally afraid of the building times for the breeding castle and incubator as I am afraid of the token cost for the cost of garnet Legendaries… Again I will ask: WHY? What was the reason behind this? Was this the plan? Us non-spenders already have to count our pennies to grow a couple levels a month. Why are we being hindered by a storage upgrades that take more clocks than i can collect for a single fort event every couple levels? These times should be scaled along the lines of how recent they are and how much they are help that individual when they are already 3 tiers behind and still losing ground. I will go into this a little more in the next idea.

Idea #3
Along with the idea of scaling the required fragments for older irrelevant tiers this could also be implemented on towers. Since tower upgrade times keep increasing to further unreachable months of waiting i want to implement the idea of reducing the build times on irrelevant levels according to what is the max tower level and what the best standard build time would be so non-spenders can keep up but never get end-game content. Below are some graphs i have made over the build times for each level:

There is clearly a huge jump in build times after level 40… This is just like the sapphire wall! It’s becoming exponential and the packs that are available aren’t accommodating this, nor is the chest drops and available timers… If players are to keep progressing at a tangible rate then there needs to be a scale in timers/prizes for where the player is at in level.

This is what I propose: What if towers were discounted according to relevancy? Just like Idea #1 This could allow low spending players to keep up without ever reaching end game content. With the current model i wont be able to max an obsidian for about 3 years. I came to this conclusion by recording the xp i gained last fort event and finding out how many times i would have to repeat it to get to level 300 from my current level (lvl 203). So, continuing on to what i think will fix said issue - Here is the rough idea:

Towers should max out at a certain level. Do i really want to calculate the right times to correspond with how fast breeding should/will go? No, i do not. So i will leave this post at that unless i get motivated enough to do something like that. Here are some rough numbers nonetheless:
(This is asking around Sapphire+ Players)
Average egg tokens per month: ~130k?

Average egg tokens per month: ~130k?

  • If Idea #1 was in place then it would take roughly 4 months to get through a single dragon tier. This entails that you know what you are doing and breeding efficiently. Knowing this you should also expect to grow the needed levels in roughly 4 months in order to be able to max your current tier of dragons.

I don’t want to dive into this right now so i think i will leave this for another time. I think you all understand what i am getting at though! Levels in this game should be exponential and continue forever, and this is how to make it so.

If there is anything that looks like it could be improved on please say so! Also, please voice your opinions and ideas. I cannot think of everything and I actually got idea #3 from the another player. (check the link!^) Thanks for reading!

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Adding some links that are relevant:

Credit to the thread creators! This is awesome stuff.

A more helpful way to speed things up!

How does any of this benefit PG? Having happier non spenders is a nice “pie in the sky” goal and all, but is it worth cutting into their revenue? I think not.


Could you please be more specific? I think you’re saying that all the current mechanics are fine but your comment is too vague to determine anything like that. These ideas allow PG to keep the nonspenders happy with progression. We all know people are getting bored and are leaving because of how slow the game has become. I hope i can input ideas that PG may use to speed things up for everyone.


Dont get me wrong, I like your ideas, I would love it if they were implemented. The unique thing about Reds league restructuring proposal was that it simultaneously benefitted PG and most players at the same time. Thats a very tricky thing to accomplish.


I am in total agreement with that. I know some of these ideas are not the best of the best to help Pg make monay as well as helping players progress. That’s why i really would like to hear the ideas of others. Nothing in this game will ever be perfect, but we can keep striving to make it better. We can expand on eachothers knowledge and prove much more knowledgeable on what is needed than PG.


Well the argument is that it will help keep whales more happier since they will have more small fries to chew up on.
competition is what gets people going, without it, the whales will just be a dead dried fish.


True but I see no lack of plankton in the game currently. Even when they quit, old small fries are replaced with new small fries every day, for free.


Going off of what @Edelweiss0401 said about whales getting bored. How long will it be till whales are so far ahead that the average low spending players can’t even touch them? I want the game to be able to keep on pushing out new levels and tiers of dragons not grind to a halt. I want to fix the economy not just shrug with indifference. I don’t mean this badly but all you’ve said is that PG won’t listen. I undertand you think that (just like most people on forums) but please refrain from those sorts of comments on this thread. I want this thread to be focused towards bettering the game, not sulking. I appreciate the support altogether!

To all those that doubt this will ever work: Please just like my original post. Comment your agreement. Make this known so I can prove you wrong!


Long term stability of the game primarily. No immediate revenue increase.

Shouldn’t be hard to implement either so its not like it would require a lot of work from PG to do it.

And if it keeps those moderate spenders playing and that would benefit PG. Most people i know that quit do it because they keep spending but are falling further and further behind despite spending what to them is significant.


I love your ideas have seen lots of players quit out of frustration would love to see something implemented to help with progression.


While I understand the comparison here between spenders and non spenders, there is also a comparison of new/returning players and long term dedicated players.

This game feels like an MMO to me. Every other MMO I have played had a “Catch-up” mechanic. To get players to the old level cap faster than it used to take to get there after a new cap was introduced.

I played this game back when green, then gold, then platinum was the top tier. I was always close to the top tier. What bother me is that it currently takes the same (almost) amount of time to get to platinum today without any of the reward that we got from it back then (being in the top tier).

If there was a catchup mechanic that would allow a new player to get to sapphire/emerald in say half the time it took players who earned their way there when it was the top tier, then this game would open up to new players. Right now it’s not new player friendly in the least. Come play the game and in two years or a million $ later you can compete at a level that is relevant now (but not by the time you can get there).

Any game needs new players, or it dies.


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