School April Fool's joke

So um… Today at school in a few of my classes, the class, at random times, would just start laughing out loud. Why? Well because people thought it was a good April Fool’s joke. Was it? It was better than learning. Anyways, the teachers took it pretty well which is always a good sign that your not going to get detention. Not sure exactly where I’m going with this but you can tell that the kids at my school are really not creative, especially after being told exactly what to do and when to do it for like 6 years.

What did you all do for April Fool’s if anything?

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I understand that many people rushed to the breeding castle in an attempt to breed Donivalis and Dodopyyr.

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I opened one of the toilet seats in the men’s room at work only to find Jennifer Aniston scowling at me as I started to use the facilities.

The funniest part is one of the oldest guys in the office told me dead pan “She was smiling when I left”. Not sure it really belonged at work but it did make me laugh.

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I offered my friends a plate of brownies (Brown “E”s)

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My gf and I were at our friends house who lives in a 1 bedroom apartment. She went to take a shower and we re-arranged all the furniture and pretty much flipped the appartment around (my favorite was putting the couch in the kitchen). When she came out, she thought it was pretty funny and all, but then we acted like we were leaving so she had to move it all back herself Haha and got a little pissed. We came right back tho and helped her put it all back the way she had it, a 2 in 1 April fools joke :slight_smile:


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