“Score” for PVP defense

I know this is not a very useful or high demand feature to implement, and probably would be “somewhat” complicated…

But I think it would be cool to see a running total of how many points you were able to “prevent” the other teams from scoring on your bases when opponents are unable to successfully defeat the bases.

No way to know for sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if this single pit round we stopped like 20-40k points from defending, but would be really cool to know!

Getting rewards based on that would also be nice, especially if it translated into team score haha.

Would this incentivize defense any more? Should there be more incentive or so you think that simple preventing their success and blocking your “loss” (rss, PvP points, glory) should be all?


Totally agree!
I love to defend, but except Atlas and war, there really isn’t much reason to use the hammers.
The other defend opportunities, don’t reward the defend, or even penalize the attack for using 3 dragons.


I wish more games generated real stats much like WoW does with all of their collectable logs that can be analyzed by 3rd party tools.

DPS, HPS, hammers used, bases defended, dragons leveled, towers leveled, heal pots used, stars per dragon, etc. would benefit everyone and it keeps the devs honest. There would be no flakgate if things like this were built into the game early.


It seriously bugs me that you get much better prizes destroying a monument than successfully defending a teammate. At least stats showing the effort would be nice. I would love to know how much glory my team has earned off my defense.

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To add on OP post, all consumables used in successful defense should be credited back.


I hate when people def on PVP. Jeez… this is not war…

it kind of is…league rating points are at stake…as well as prizes that increase as your team does better in the event…so…it’s basically a 4 day war against the rest of your league

The points I give for 15b defense is poor so I enjoy the heck out of defending my base during PvP. Most dont come back twice. :smiling_imp:

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Maybe even have points saved show up on your side of the ledger? Actually earn points for defending, not just save 'em.

Also if the defense lost, there should be incentive to the attacker. One defender will be x2. 2 defender will be x3 and 3 defender will be x4.

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A really long time ago some aspect of score was based on medals. Since having defenders increased medals gained defenders also caused the attacker to get increased score. The result? Everyone stopped defending and told teammates not to defend. I don’t think disincentivizing defense is what we were going for here

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I don’t like it either and I think hammers are better saved for atlas at this stage of of the game. I don’t do and I will not waste my time doing, but it does make it more interesting.

Last time I saw your base was empty :man_shrugging: down to 7B

Yes this would be amazing!

There should be stats somewhere :man_shrugging: I think Profiles should go much more in depth, could have an atlas and event tab in profile.
Telling all about the players current (weekly/monthly) and all time stats. This would be useful in many ways.

Would be nice! But so would an inventory :roll_eyes:

As far as the op yeah I’d think that would be great! Would love to see defensive stats in events, successful defends. Points stopped or lost would be another nice addition! Would probably encourage defense to which is always fun :grin:

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In that time, do the defender get points by defending?

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