Score possible? Hack?


I’m not saying he’s a bad guy but a lot of us are curious as to how one gets a score like this without spending 10 million rubies per account :joy:


If I had to guess, dude is eating some pumpkin.


You must be new here. Welcome.

That is tetsu and his mini account from Harlem420. He spends tens of thousands of dollars per event and allows him and his team to kick major ass.

All is good and well, it’s 100% legit :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw something similar about Donnie… never say 100%


Yeah that is true, i guess it still is possible to cheat to go further.

That being said, this guy have been reported up the ying yang for “cheating” during events and not once (to my knowledge) has he been banned or his event scores lowered. That means to me that they have investigated it quite a few times and compared that to his purchase records and his scores are justified.

I’m sure if you wanted you could just report him again and they will investigate if they really feel it is necessary :slight_smile:


And anyway he is always in the top 10 each event for months now


if in doubt and have the balls to do it, ask him how much he has spent since he played this game.


Is that why Donnie disappeared?! I thought he just got bored and retired


Have not checked lately but you can send him a message :bowing_man:

Just to be clear, I’m not saying he used cheats… just that he got banned


I may or may not have seen screenshots admitting to hacking and even getting someone else’s account banned too while logged into it.


To ne clear, not this guy, Donnie.


Donnie is rolled back to Lvl 1 empty base with just Dragons on the perches


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