Scoring Changes Blog: Official Discussion Thread

Hey gang! Check out this post to discuss the new scoring changes to major events: Scoring Change To Major Events


Yes finally

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Just to clarify, is this live for Fight Pits?


This actually seems like one of the better changes from PG.

It challenges players to hit harder bases and rewards better flying.

And it doesn’t completely screw teams with that one low DP higher level giving near max points.


Many players could eliminate the towers to pay less points (es: temple raid, team gauntlet - where mega are extremely necessary). How will you solve this problem?


I can’t think of a legitimate negative side to this, it seems fair and like the way PVP was intended to be. And takes out the option for teams to empty a players base so it’s a quick and easy max point for there ally team.

Complaints probably aren’t about this being a bad change, but more about wanting a lazy PvP :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps I’m missing something though so let me know haha
I was forgetting how grueling it was at low levels to score points in PVP - this will likely make it even harder.

Perhaps having a tiered point system based on level of attacker compared to defender, similar to atlas? Perhaps diamond and sapphire teams could be excused from the tier system and stick with the new DP system?


If everyone eliminates their towers, then the strongest DP will still me worth max points


There are pros and cons with this. Yes it’s more challenging but often the top points in higher platinum teams are from the hardest of bases. If you have a high level and he has a crap base you should suffer for that imo.

That said I’m all for rewarding challenges, however without the points actually changing, this does nothing for actually making PvP events better. The problem with these events is the points are already so minuscule. Now if they were to categorize the top 3 bases in a team and give more than 125 pts, like 25% or more, more… then that would be a real improvement. But you would have to create an algorithm that can actually identify the best 3 bases.

Edit: yes I absolutely agree if someone has an empty base you shouldn’t be rewarded, I don’t think you should get any points for that.


This is a positive change! I’m happy to see it.

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I don’t think it’s that simple. If all the towers and perches are eliminated, it means having a low DP. And personally I wouldn’t use mega attacks on players who pay me 75 points or a little more. In addition, this change also has cons especially in the lower leagues. Small teams base their score on high level players with little DP. This will affect small players very negatively.


It’s a scale based on the strongest player on the team.

Unless that part is changing too, but he said it will “scale” based on DP.

Which means the highest DP on the team gives max points, regardless of what their DP is.

So if everyone dropped towers, and the highest DP was only 1 B, that would be worth max points and be an easy target. It should discourage this type of behavior to allow easy targets for allies actually which is a great change.

Honestly I think the most fair way to change PvP events is to have a realistic range of bases for a range of players within a certain level. Have this applied to players Level 0-100. Among that group, the highest Dp awards 125 points. Same thing every 100 levels.

Only players within that group can attack those levels

And then have the top 3 bases provide a points boost available to all.

Personally, I only attack high-level players, so this update to the scores won’t affect me much. But as I wrote above, it will greatly affect the teams in the lower leagues. In my opinion, pvp updates should be based to discourage unfair play in leagues like D1 or D2 but not to complicate the game in minor leagues (this update risks complicating it) :woman_shrugging:


I was a actually hoping they were saying that the points would scale higher based on how much higher of a base you were attacking, so that even level 100 players could get max points if they could kill a player X amount stronger than them


The only problem with this kind of scaling is having a significantly higher backer. I don’t know if they can code limitations with people joining battles

Thank you for the very good improvement. However, it became difficult to find out who had the high points in advance.

Therefore, I would like to delete the medal column in the team list and change the Defence Power.


Yes, This will encourage Fair play!!
Also high players with crap bases will not be much affected now which is a good thing.
For those who are low lvl, will need to improve their dragon flying skill if they want to kill high lvl bases.
Bring back all your set up dragons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Exactly, that’s why I think they wouldn’t be able to do this, and so this is a reasonable change as well

I honestly think a team should be penalized if they have a high level player with a crap base. You should be able to exploit weaknesses.

Exploiting weaknesses is a crucial element of war. You wouldn’t necessarily attack the strongest point an enemy has.


Does it mean the high level players will not be punished in PVP by having low DP?

So for example, a level 600 with DP of 1B (the same DP of level 400 players which can only access vanguard) and access to Eldritch dragons is valuable again for the team?

Previously nobody can take the very high level players with low DP onto their team, as it means giving the point away to other team in PVP.

So this system will buff that high level players with low DP.