Scout base is gone

Before we could scout the base why did you remove that feature i caught a lot of cheaters by looking on their base.

I’m not sure what you mean exactly?

MY abillity to see map is gone.

You might want to consider describing the problem a teeny bit more?

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Is it a simple reboot or reinstall problem perhaps?

I think the OP means that before we could actually see the matchmaking bases like we see our own before attacking, I will post some screenshots here or report if I can’t do it anymore too.

Basically you can swap between “map view” or “scout view” in matchmaking by tapping “map view” at the top of the screenshot @Lutrus provided.

Was that what you were talking about @LovelyDrogon?

Edit : + screenshots, working for me. It’s called tactical view actually, and I wish we could have that switch for our own base map view too.

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