Scout(or another name) option for Isles

Would the thought process behind adding a Scout option to build on an isle be absurd? The scout would function as a lookout for your isle and send a notification to your team chat that there is an incoming enemy to your isle. This could be another option to build as you continue upgrading your isle.

I understand this would eliminate the ability to “sneak” up on an isle to attack it so just looking for some feedback on this. Thanks

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Tell the noobs on your team to keep a primarch with one ship there for surveillance ?

Typical :man_facepalming:

Hmmm I rather like the idea to be honest, however there is a big disadvantage as far as occasional attackers go.

Its fine to see a war coming, but sometimes people just want to sneak an attack in :slight_smile:

I don’t think a headsup with every person fighting off 2-3 defenders is really where I want this to end up.

So while I think the concept is sound, practically I think you just have to take the occasional hit.

Once they fix Atlas banners, it should become moot, as it should be easy to see when an attack is atlas based, and thus should be defended.

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Don’t have a strong reaction to this–on balance I’m not on favor at first glance. More vigilant teams should have an advantage, and as Gox notes once banners get fixed it won’t be as much of an issue anyway.

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