ScreamingHawks πŸ¦… give it a 2nd chance

Language: English
Time Zone: all time zones are welcome
Played time: active or very active pls
Age Range: 16+ if ok with mature language
Elite Account?: not needed
Dragon Roster Includes: some strong dragons that can kill defended bases
About: Hey people :facepunch:
Welcome to ScreamingHawks :eagle: loyal active team that is after a second shot.
Created 5 years ago, we where a solid team of epic players, which I hope they come back one day and give us a second chance to grow and reach our goals :pray:. We are not ready to fall but it’s your choice if we do, unfortunately we only have 36 players from when this was posted but we wanna grow it up to 50 very active loyal feared but respected lvl 200+ players again :sunglasses:. Become hero’s go down in legends kick ass become a awesome player and let this team have a 2nd chance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Pls join us all we ask is you do your best :heart:.
HD :v:

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Found your mascot


Tbh that seems like a pretty accurate mascot since he Screams Warfare

It’s very hard to get people in sapphire and diamond teams.
I can’t imagine the struggle for smaller teams to find people


My friend and I built a gold team from scratch it is best in lc and always gets top prizes we made it 4 weeks ago we will reach plat next week.

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Nice keep playeing

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