Screen freezes dragon keeps flying

Several times now I’ve had instances of my “background “ screen freezing but my dragon flys on I have no control of the dragon at all … it’s actually funny except when it happens in war like it did one time… I’ve had it happen on my iPad with my main and on my alt which is android so obviously this isn’t a platform or device issue… this last time I tried swapping the dragon out which worked and the next dragon worked fine… I submitted a ticket w a pic but got the usual response… anyone else having this issue???

I may have had this happen if you can explain what “background screen” is

Does this help?

basically everything but the dragon is frozen

I’ve had my iPad Pro fail to recognize my touch before in the game. Not sure if it’s an issue with the game or the device itself. It seems to happen more whenI fly Ursa for training purposes than when I fly my hunters.

That’s what I play my main on I’ve had that issue plenty but this is diff wish I could video it but even if I knew how I can’t reproduce it on demand

Yes I have experienced this before too, a few times, but only with Tengu and the Middle Long Island. Unlike you I was completely stuck and could not swap on anything but wait for the dragon to die, have the screen pick for me because select a dragon was stuck too, and have another round of unattacking dragon, I just had to force stop the game in the end. Support told me that they tried to recreate the incident but were unsuccessful. Basically they said the usual (you must delete and reinstall) and get over it, it’s not happening everyday and so you lose oh well. Which kinda stinks because they never solved my problem. Hopefully they can solve it for you though.

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Doubtful cause they gave me the usual generic answer too that’s why I figured I’d check here see how prevalent this is

I’ve had this too with necryx on middle Long. Don’t know what causes it, but was unable to tap, move screen etc, but he just keeps flying.

Exactly!! Mine has happened with different dragons latest was apophet which was funny cause she actually made it thru an island on her own … like I said it’s funny except when it happens during war and unfortunately it seems to be happening more often although I can’t reproduce it on demand

I actually got some kind of problem like this one with Nollaig. Here is an example of the glitch.
(I sent a message to support but i thaught that posting something like this here would be more useful)

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