Screen Glitches, anybody?

EDIT: glitches are not 100% gone for me but have decreased; thank you for replying, guys!

So… I use an Android phone and I don’t know if this is happening because of it?

Can this be fixed in any way? Or does WD just not work well with Android?

*many buttons, and portraits go wonky; sometimes, certain buttons even disappear

It’s been been like that for me for several weeks. I have to completely exit the game and sometimes I have to restart my phone.

so far has not happened to me. try to tag someone from PG.

Is this on a Samsung? And the trippy screen goes away with a restart usually.

My is a Motorola

Hardly anything new, I tried to dig through my screens from before the UI overhaul, sooooo many screens since then

Found some

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yes, it’s a Samsung. I always restart my phone every time it happens but it’s to the point where it’s getting a little annoying

I’ve just recently started taking screenshots of them but it’s been happening since I returned this year

I’m not sure which mods😓

This should help. Smh it’s not oneboxing, lol.

Report it in-game, so that they can get details on the phone model and such.

@PGEggToken @Arelyna more Samsung issues, though generally what’s already been seen, I think.

That happens on my Samsung 8+ too plus crashes all the times get the black screen too

All the time, sometimes the screen goes black during a flight too

Mine is Asus, and it happens sometimes. Probably caused by memory fault. Usually, a restart will fix it.

Mine does as well. OnePlus 5 here. Really sad. Also closes alot while the phone should be perfectly capable of running it

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It happens rarely on my Samsung tablet, but the LG G5 phone starts with this right at the first run. So I decided to abandon my alt. It’s super annying

Happens very very often on my phone anytime between runs once the game has been open for a little while. Just close the tab and reopen the game and that’ll fix it for a little while. Glitches like that also seem to correlate with hunter ammo bars or health bars not showing up, spell buttons glitched to not show the picture, and tower health bars unable to be seen.

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Thank you

Really sucks during wars, honestly

I have a purple screen in Atlas and has been that way for 7 events now