Screen shaking, dragon freezes, then dead

I have tried searching and can’t find anything remotely related to this issue. I thought it was me or a strong base, but it has happened repeatedly and it is not even one kind of setup. My team mates have noticed the same thing with certain bases.

Dragon hits a base and all of a sudden the whole screen shakes and the dragon freezes up and can’t attack and then all of a sudden dragon is dead. This happens on bases that should be easy to take. I have tried to get a video or screenshot but I have not managed to. This does not happen all the time.

I have a good Internet connection and a fairly new phone with all the updates. So I am trying to figure out if this is a glitch, bug or ? Can anyone shed some light on this?

Seems like the dragon is stunned…

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But would stun lock the dragon up that had full rage to attack again?

Yes, for some time (around 1 sec, idk about the exact time.)

I don’t believe it is stun as I just ran through a base with several chances to stun me and it didn’t shake my whole screen, freeze everything up and kill my dragon. So… Any other thoughts?

I really think that it’s a dark flak stun. They happen all of a sudden in a big purple flash sometimes and catch you off guard. Whether it’s a chance encounter on an undefended base, or a larger chance of an encounter on a defended base


Do the attacking towers freeze? Are the projectiles still moving? Android or IOS. I generally get 10-15 seconds of lag on my android device and stutters in the small island turns.

Where is this happening? If it is between the middle long island and the short lighthouse island, then I know why.

You are most likely being stunned Suzz . Dark Flaks are known to be real pricks… :smiley:

My screen will sometimes freeze completely during attacks. By “freezing,” I am referring to absolutely no visual movement on the screen. This occurs in both Atlas (usually at or around either 14% or 74% of invader) and regular attacks (long middle). While it is frozen, I can usually still hear the sounds of towers firing, and even sometimes the sounds of my dragon’s attack hitting the towers. Sometimes, the screen will unfreeze if I keep tapping randomly on the screen. This started happening more frequently when I downloaded the most recent iOS update. From my experience, you can reduce the frequency of this occurring by ensuring that you do not have any other applications running in the background. If a phone call comes in during play, I close out the phone application and reload the game. This has prevented the freezing from occurring as often. If I am not mistaken, I believe the next update will address some of these issues as well.

As far as the screen shaking and your dragon is unable to attack/suddenly dead-that does indicate the effect of a dark flak supershot as the previous posters stated.

Yes Kobe still not fixed. What was PGs response on that anyway?

That it would get fixed…

Yes, to between middle long island and the short lighthouse island.

You got kobe’d

Just think how long it took PG to fix the summon warrior bug that killed Dodo Guardian, Apop Shadow. 6 or 8 months?

I just make sure not to leave the back left tower on the temple island unless it is a storm or ice turret.

I don’t know if it is that but it could be. Just frustrating cause it doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems ridiculous when it does.

I don’t remember a blue mage being left behind and team mate said no dark flak they had already been killed before the shake happened. So guess I will have to see if I can catch it again and see when it happens and what is left and not left.

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