Screenshot for support

As you can see, there is no event island.
I downloaded the game through the Apple Mac App Store.
Im using the new M1 MacBook Pro.
My Main account shows the event, on this Mac,

One more level?


I do believe you have to be level 25 to join a team

Wait how the heck did you get the game on your computer? Then again you probably are teamless / it being on the computer in this image is just baffling and that could be the problem because War Dragons isn’t meant for computers

It’s level 6.

Edit: I’m quite sure :thinking: — that is what the level requirement was last time I checked.

Edit 2: Never mind.

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How do you fly hunters on a mac

clicks mouse aggressively


It is level 10 now

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That’ll cause slower reflexes believe it or not because you know time delay with reflux delay because keypad and mouse isn’t as fast as a flat screen with a flat invisible and only visible keyboard when a device is powered on and is on a app or software where it needs to type in order to communicate through multiple networks and possibly block trackers to

I don’t wanna sound rude or anything but have you ever tried using punctuation? It’s very hard to read and comprehend your posts on forum …:see_no_evil:


I don’t know how to use punctuation sadly call me stupid all you want guys but punctuations is a sentence separator and semi colons are for listing things but I’d glad like someone to help me at least

mouse and keyboard are plenty fast, it’s a couple milliseconds to respond. That doesn’t have much influence on the average reactiontime of 250 milliseconds. Otherwise PC games wouldn’t be so competative.

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Just full stops at the end of the sentence will make massive difference. Whenever one thought finishes and other starts, you can put full stop in between :pray:


Sweet! M1 supports WD now, didn’t when I last checked, but that was a while back… Be interesting to see how it goes with trackpad

Well tried it and the sentence structure seems so much easier to read