Screwed fort wins

Can Someone please explain to me why we didn’t win this fort. See attached image. We had the majority of the HP.

Read the rules. Win is only guaranteed if you kill at least 70%.


Hey Cap, someone like @mechengg may be able to give the actual odds, but I’m guessing the second place team has a 5%(?) chance of winning the fort if the first place team doesn’t hit 70% of the total HP.

This is done to encourage competition throughout, and while it sucks when it happens to your team, without such an incentive, every other team would stop attacking, and all of the forts that you’ve won would take longer and require more energy from your team to win.

As stated above you didn’t take >70% of the total HP of the fort. You can tell that from a very quick glance.

The top (up to) 4 teams who gave defeated between 5% and 69.9% all have a weighted percent chance of winning. Weighted means they standardize the chance to a base of 100 based on the total % those (up to) 4 teams took total.

Aka if team A took 35, B 20, C 20 D 15 then
A would have a 35/90% chance of winning
B 20/90
C 20/90
D 15/90

90 comes from 35+20+20+15


Thanks for the explanation
I finally understand the math behind it.

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There is also the possibility that you could have > 70% and not win if you currently own 4 forts and all are higher than that one… probably not the case here, but still possible according to the rules.

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It’s 90 btw mech. You mathed bad today.

Ouch. Yes it definitely is 90.

But they get the point I think :see_no_evil:

Had a team with 5 forts today…:upside_down_face: the rules may be overcome by bugs apparently.

Thanks for the explanation on this. It’s not something you expect when you’re fighting tooth and nail to be the top attacker; to have the defeat snatched from the mouth of victory. It’s happened to me three times in this event. Am I just unlucky? I see where it’s supposed to give the lesser teams inventive to keep attacking, but the opposite is true. It has taken the fun right out of the game, and I’m not alone; this has happened to several allies and teammates and we all feel ripped off!

Why does PG need to balance out things by handing prizes to losing teams? I feel like I’m back in kindergarten being told to share. In the real world, you fight, you win, your reward.THAT is FAIR.

By the way, if my team only gets 51% of the win… that means the other team can only have gotten LESS… in what universe does that entitle him more right to the win than my team???

You had more chance to win the island, so it’s just an unlucky moment.

Yeah, but he had LESS chance and so some computer somewhere decides ‘let’s do a random spin and make these humans cranky’. I can hear their little evil cyber-synapses working, trying to destroy the world of human achievement by merit and replacing it with a living hell of gold stars for effort, or just for turning up.

Basically yes, it’s been like a lottery for awhile now …I thought they were stopping that from happening :thinking:

Maybe that’s why they are letting this event die

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