Screwed in Event



Well, my team is now totally screwed in event. We made it to the second guard tower on ice and the entire team is stuck there with this message and unable to advance

If we try hitting another team…

We are hitting Ice. This is what the map looks like, so its not a storm issue…

This is what our ice island looks like

Its been this way for HOURS. Multiple complaint tickets have been submitted and no one has received a response. We are dropping down the ranks like its nobody’s business. This is absurd.


Don’t hit another team.

Attack the tower guards.

Tap the small square with the sword that is on/over the tower where you are.


If the swords are not there, try a hard reset and come back.

If that doesn’t work, I think the help desk will probably not be able to assist. :frowning:


I was going to say this as it was my first reaction, but since they got past the first set of guards I figured they knew how to do that. I’m thinking this is a legit error on the game’s end.



You are right.

Hopefully the hard reset works.


We cant attack the tower guards. Thats what gives us the first message saying we need 0% more progress. Considering we have defeated all islands and opened the shrine, I would think it was clear that we know how to hit the guards


This issue is also being experienced by my entire team, not just me. We have all attempted resets, uninstalling, restarting devices, nothing is making a difference


I was unaware you’d already reached the Shrine.

Not sure man. I think your title may have captured it.


@PGCrisis @Arelyna

Is this something you have seen? Anything his team can do?


I see from the main map that even your first guard post appears as undefeated.

Are you able to go back and see if you can click on the first guardpost? Post a screenshot here of the guardpost also.

It should all look like this where it is yellow after you cleared the guards.

Your problem may be related to this:


I actually have someone looking into this case already. I agree from the picture, it looks as though the first guard didn’t register as defeated. Did you guys take it down?


We took down the first guard tower, moved down the path fighting other teams, reached the second guard tower and got this message. One of my officers used all his energy to complete the first guard tower again. The rest of the team was then able to complete the second guard tower and move forward.

Unfortunately we lost many points and dropped in team rank significantly due to hours of being unable to attack. Many of my players are highly discouraged now


Glad it helped. Good luck.


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