Screwed up leveling

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Been 30 minutes since the topic is created and not a crumb of information added…

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Merged too much?
Build too long?

Can everyone please stay on topic

Unless TC explains more, hard to keep this on topic.
Still, screwed up levelling, IMO, can be related to overleveled bases, or need much more upgrades than usual case, to level up.
Plus Base Building subcategory

Might be the same as his other topic

Increasing my level

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…screwed up levelling.

Well judging by the previous thread mentioned, the owner will not come back here ever again :sweat_smile:
Been a month, I believe they still did not manage to get out of the big XP hole.

That xp hole can get pretty nasty :laughing:

The merged feature reminds me of Hensen and Gretel story…

Looks like you screwed up the topic even more than your leveling :clown_face:


Maybe “screwed up” was meant as “notched up” and the OP was proud of himself for leveling so well. Why do you guys always think the worst?

Posts like these are great. Even better than playing paper dragons. See how many responses can be obtained by stringing together 3 random words.

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the title is a great open-ended statement

now lets stay on topic…

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