Screwing with your customers

Hi, I disliked this event due to the throttling of timers. I flew over 2 million medals in this event. The 20 dollars I spent was quickly used up on healing potions. For all the flying I did I received few potions and extremely few timers. They do this to a paying customer. I did not realize I was gambling with my money and feel ripped off. I repeat I am a paying customer who deserves better than I got.

Drops are like playing slots man… That’s really the best metaphor. Timers are actually slightly more frequent in fortification (overall), but it is still random. You are more likely to get more timers in the bronze and gold drops, and since chest hunt is on, you will see fewer direct timer drops in battle. But all the drops in WD are random. PG isn’t screwing with you (at least not specifically).

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