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208lvl xBaby1977 sapphire.
English or French

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Could you fill in the time zone, dragon roster, lineage dragon etc. fields so we know what your progress is like?

Time zone Belgium.
Leo, cavaleris, airbean, coatl, evolves stones.
Sapphire eggs

And perhaps what league you are looking for and Atlas or no atlas, etc

Looking for sapphire league if it’s possible. I’m very active player, 41 years old woman, atlas is not my strongest point but I do my best and still learning. Always very active in all events and war, very strong to defend the team for the war (escuses for my little English, I am French). And I have a elite account.

You’re in sapphire tier? Personally I wouldn’t recommend sapphire league l. I think you’d have more fun in a high platinum league and be able to participate in pvps and wars without asking for backup every time ( we can always offer backup but I know it isn’t fun to always have to ask). We can get you on a breeding path if you’re not on one already. We help you grow and you help us grow :blush:

My team name is Sandslingers, send in an app!

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My team was in sapphire 3. For a long period of time. I always have a lot of fun and I have no problem with asking help when I need to.

SandSlingersssssssss #PeerPressure

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If you would like to you can check are team shadowwraiths

I found a new home. Thank you all for supporting me

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