Searchable Open Tickets, Known Issues, Possible Future Enhancements

Honestly I don’t know how this isn’t already a thing. Would it not be possible to make the forum more “user friendly” or at least categorized better? We currently don’t have any way of knowing what are “current issues” or “open issues” unless we look what’s in the general discussion. I use a ticketing system at my work and we have different ways to categories issues our users report. (HOT issues being big issues that need fixes immediately) (MAIN issues being issues that are next in line, not super important but still cause issues with the software) and then (PFE or possible future enhancements / suggestions for the system). Also there should be a section where people can report resolutions they’ve been told for issues they’ve had, obviously people aren’t using the search feature. And In the event a duplicate post is made there should be the ability to merge them for moderators so there’s not unnecessary posts.

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Their ticketing system is (and viewing via browser vs in-game gives different FAQ results @PGEggToken @Arelyna) , not the forums, though I do still think a bug section would be nice, but that’s been suggested multiple times before and rejected.

Known Issues could also use an update


I think if it was all located in one area it would be a lot more efficient, versus having to go to different websites just to have to look at the current issues. I definitely agree with you that a lot of the stuff is outdated.

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