Searching for solid event team

I’m interested in joining a good team. My level will exceed 350 just a little past the start of the event. I was on a great team that recently let me go for a lack of atlas defense of castles. Level 500s are too big for me so I stopped trying to. I always hit event minimums. I achieve all quests. I’m an excellent flier and don’t often beg for help in team chat. I join teammates in battle when I can and defend teammates in events and in atlas when I’m online! Is there a way you can find me a team that has strict guidelines for the 1.2. I am really invested in the season because I spent all my saved rubies and around 175 gold chests in pursuit of the 1/2 off tiers. Please help show me the way and I would be forever appreciative for your efforts .
-Slayer “Siayer”
P.s I have a +1 around my level who is also interested in being on the same team as me

If your interested I776 has some openings, P2 no drama

Try ironages

Our team would be pleased to take you both look Dawn1964 leader of REVELATION11

Peritusdraconi has openings. We are currently P3. However we don’t get the 1.2 sigil prize currently. But it’s easy enough to get a mythic without it. I am :wink:
We get level 9 quest chest, and have 4 elements (5 castles) in atlas. We don’t get level 500s visiting often, so you would definitely be able to help with castle defense :sunglasses:
consider giving us a shot. Our team is awesome


Pm my officer hetty on theelitefamily we are a s2 team hit all 8/8 team rewards is one of the requirements