Season 100% Egg Token Bonus?

Hey everyone, so I’m working towards the 100% egg token mission in the event tab. I’ve been reading up on it and I’ve heard it’s good for the whole season? If that’s the case, isn’t the season almost over and my bonus wouldn’t be worth it or is the bonus good for like x amount of weeks. Thanks!

For the season. Aka the sooner you get it the more valuable it is.

Edit: Season ends March 7 I think. So that depends on your definition of “almost over.” And I don’t know your sigil situation. If you’re already working on it I’d assume you’re close to getting it?

40 days remaining of the season so if you do get it… will have a month of 100% bonus… which is better than not having it for a month…

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get it as soon as you can. The earlier the better.

Do this next season too if its available so you can benefit from it 24 hours after claiming it (takes 24 hours to auto activate)

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I would think about using your sigils for kayla if you don’t already have her instead of the double sigil as there’s not much left to the season. Just my 2c

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If you account for breed only 35 days left or so cause it does not stack.

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