Season Base Boost Not Being Applied

My Season Base Boost Is Not Being Applied.
I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, I also tried to clear the catch before so.

I also tried upgrading my towers to Max level 125, then adding base boosts and closing out the game going to apps force closing the game restarting my tablet coming back into the game and still no fix.

I have a perfect 4.0 at MIT so I know it’s not on my end it’s server end.

I was told by PG staff to go to known issues, but is not listed there.

So if anyone else is having this issue too please tell me what you did to fix it or if you’re having trouble too.


Feed your perch dragon update your avatar if you tried all that idk 🤷

Are you sure it’s the base boost not being applied and not your 30% boost?

If that’s the case, message support

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I see +52% boosts which suggests this is working (and your DP looks right for your level as well)

No idea what a 4.0 is. But looks ok from the server.


Did you try removing the dragon from the perch (all perches) then readding it?

I had an issue with base boost last season, start of this season, whatever. I can’t remember anymore lol.
Your base, however, is fine. I don’t know if it was fixed recently but it’s fine


I provided 2 images here, The images show 2 different viewsOf the defense of my base,

write a ticket explain i know sometimes it does not show applied at times on different islands which support will fix so if there is a issue they will take care of it and refresh your account on their end

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I must be being stupid, what exactly are these images showing which relates to your base boost?

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Both pics have the same dp


images are wrong because you are fully boosted except farms which is 22% so it was either rider change gear change and or you had your farms boosted if you are seeing wrong and or you removed a rune

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maybe he thinks he should be the same dp as others his level? lol regardless nothing is wrong with it from our view even by clicking each tower to look so it is reading perfectly fine :stuck_out_tongue:


But without base boost there’s no way he could be 36B at that level.

at times it does remove a tower or 2 from baseboost not often but it sure does ill edit in a screen shot to show you

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i know this dont show nothing if you want to make sure if it is applied tap on each tower and look your base is so it has nothing to do with baseboost as al are 52/52 except your farm area that is 22% 22%

My end it only shows 35 billion everyone else sees 39… I tried switching to multiple devices as well so it can’t be just a visual thing it’s something that server-based, I sent in many tickets and they told me that they’re working on it and that it’s a known issue under known bugs and it’s not even posted under known bugs…

nothing wrong with it always showed wrong they fixed released howi and it broke again they will always usually see a higher number then yourself