Season bonus egg tokens

when i get the 100% bonus egg token, do i have to do anything with it or is I automatically engaged?

It’ll activate by itsself within 24 hours, sometimes I takes longer, if it does then send a message to support

It will also be impossible to tell if it’s properly activated until breeding event is over, since the 100% boost matches what breeding events give you anyway.


Right i forgot it was a breeding event right now🤣

I have 125% and it is there right after I reset the game and check for new mission

Yes, but it is obvious to tell if the 125% one is activated properly or not… the 100% one won’t stack with breeding, so the breeding event masks whether or not it’s been activated.

It seems to be activating fast this season. Let’s see after event ends if we get an endless stream of threads asking if it has been activated… :joy:

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