Season branches: do they cost too much?


So it takes what 27,400 sigils to complete a full branch for any season??
Then if someone wants to get a mythic you have to double that AND get even more sigils??
How is that even fair for people who do not want to spend any money buying rubies and chests and all that other stuff required to obtain the sigils, this presents an un fair advantage to your f2p players. Now granted that is the incentive to purchasing the goods that’s understandable, but do you not think it fair to alter these season branch prices to be slightly more obtainable for the f2p community? I suggest this because if it was much more obtainable for EVERY player it leaves balance distributed much more equally. Not everyone has 3-5 thousands dollars they can spend to get every single dragon and rider and all their gear and evo Stones.
Maybe make all branches be more obtainable for EVERY player, or dish out much easier ways to obtain the sigils required. Newer lower level players cannot earn max sigil prizes from events, even higher leveled (300ish) players who are not willing to spend money have a rough time obtaining maximum rewards. It’s kind of sad that it requires sooooooo much money to feel like you are on par with other teams, I do understand it requires money to keep the game up and running I just think it’s sad that it requires THAT much, seems far fetched to me.
I do not have access to your P&L reports so I can’t say where to give and take, but I’m sure you can stay in the black with some minor tweeks, hell it may improve your player base to make the season branches much more obtainable then they are which in turn may improve your budget, :wink: :wink:

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It’s not supposed to be “fair”. Why do you (and the countless other individuals with similar ideations) believe they are entitled to easily get everything in the season with minimal effort?

The mythic divines aren’t supposed to be easily obtained. You either 1) have to bust your butt to get it or 2) pay to get it

If it was any easier, you’d have low level players running around with some pretty impressive dragons


there should be a difference between each type of player shouldnt it?
you can get it by holding saving a lot of rubies and chest through 1 or 2 season and get it


I can’t seem to build up rubies at a decent rate though :sweat_smile: they seem to vanish into egg token missions :joy:


I’ve been netting 2-3k an event, lol. Up 10-13k down 8-10k


base on my experience, if you has 300 gold chest and open to get full discount dragon at start then play the season to get other line you need to have about 105k rubies to finish the mythic



Sorry if no one has broken this to you, but if you are F2P you aren’t going to have the endgame, special content. If you could get it for free, why would anyone pay for it?


Balance does not mean everyone can get everything. There are players who have been playing for 5+ years. There are players who have dropped more than I get paid in a year. There are things that need balancing in this game. Seasons are not one of those things, not to this extent.

Then you don’t get everything.

You can get a mythic as a F2P player, but it is difficult and you have to save everything for multiple seasons, give or take.


As much as I want to get the mythic sometimes, I think that F2P can’t be picky.
We, as free player, should plan carefully if we ever want to get nice prize such as mythic dragons…


Mine were used to buy gold chest everytime…
Sometimes for 50DG if I feel that I need them so bad…


The Divine Mythc Dragon will defeat it’s purpose if its every Dick, Ling, Park and Juan has it


Mine typically hovers around 40k ish rubies. Right now it’s up to almost 47k rubies, but those will slowly drain away as I grind egg tokens :joy:


I haven’t done any ember missions since breed :see_no_evil:
Doing wonders for my rubie count though xD


I haven’t done as many as I probably should :joy: but at least I manage to grind a few during my 15 minute breaks at work (though they’re more like 10 minute breaks after I get up to go stretch my legs lol)


I would not worry about Mythic dragons.

For F2P or E2P, you can get it… And it will probably be your best dragon for a long time. But, you will need to save almost all your rubies and at least half the gold chest you earn each event for 2-3 seasons (depends upon how much you grind and what league you’re in). Then, you have to act quickly, getting that whole first line while it’s on sale. You will need several hundred gold chests to do this. The rubies you will need to use to hit the 450 sigil prize every single event. And then, at the end, after you’ve hit 450 one last time, you’ll blow the rest of your rubies on Super sigil chests to finish with a bang and get the Mythic.

It can be done… But it’s at least a 9 month process, and possibly a year. Saving your rubies is the hardest part. And keeping track of what you earn in the events so you don’t open more than you should. You start getting over 200 gold chests and 80-100k rubies, and you think you’re rich… But you’re not. It’s, imo, a huge accomplishment to get a Mythic divine as either f2p or e2p. Mostly because of the discipline it requires.

So you can do it. But not every season. Hopefully you pick the right one.

But really, I’d say don’t worry about seasons. Just play. It’s easier when you are a higher level and on a better team in a higher league. The Mythics will certainly be good for much longer as a lower level player. But you will likely find that you become too dependent upon that one amazing dragon. And then one day, you will find out you didn’t really learn to fly well. You just had a really strong dragon.

That’s my two cents anyway.


Nope they figured the chest trick out so save all of them if you want till the end won’t help you much


I don’t think you’re meant to get every dragon every season. It would be boring if we all had the same dragons. Just pick one line and stick to it.


You save them up on season A, so you can then use them on the pvp of the discount period of season B.


Not sure what you mean…

You have to save the chests and rubies since they carry over, and you will need many more than you can earn in a single season if you plan to get the Mythic without spending money.


Obviously you all fail to understand the complexity of the original post, except a couple of you. It’s not a post of complaining of p2p vs f2p, it’s a post about suggesting something to make it more equal for the entire community to obtain season branches. Wasn’t asking to make it easy to obtain anything, just asked to make it “more realistic” for the f2p. And it’s not just the mythic itself it’s any single branch of a season. And what’s wrong with everyone having everything? Is that not the definition of equal? And reddelilah, what your saying is that the only people who pay are the only ones who get end game content. Obviously you don’t understand fairness and balance. The fact that the p2p is the only ones who can obtain those things is what makes it un fair. Balance means equal for all parties involved, so how is it balanced if it’s not equal for the entire player base? Obvious to see that if they were to implement an easier time for any player to obtain these season branches that the players who have played for so long would have an issue because they feel like they would be entitled to some sort of compensation when this is not the case. But those who can see logic and reason on the other hand would see the benefits for any type of player. I have played for nearly 2 years now so that’s why I suggest such things, I have seen some of the changes and I have seen some of the hardships, so your elitist and entitled attitude is not appreciated.


It is supposed to be fair otherwise you will lose interest and in the end make the game harder to stay afloat, because one person will play, think it’s not fair and equal, say it sucks, and tell everyone they know. You obviously underestimate the power of word of mouth. So it’s not a matter of thinking anyone is entitled to anything, you need to educate yourself on balance and what that truly means. And what’s wrong with lower level players having impressive dragons? Why can’t the under dog have an ace up their sleeve just like the rest of the higher levels? To me that seems completely fair.