Season Calculator

I’ve posted this in other thread but here it is for everyone reference.

The season costs 25000 sigils total. Same cost like last season but with more cutbacks. Evolution stones cost more as intended per @PGJared’s response.

Branch breakdown:
Gold chests: 91 (less than last season)
Tokens: 16700 (same as last season)
mystic fragments: 77 (more than last season)
Timers: 105 12hr speed up (more than last season)

I’m consolidating this into one big thread now


Moved it for ya Dak. While I still can… :joy:


There’s only one Side branch which is a huge nerf. Also, there are only runes, no glyphs. And with the horseshit they’re pulling with Talon Frenzy they ought to be ashamed. Plus, I expect them to actually lower sigil quantities in events and in chests. Pity.

Is the document supposed to be locked? I realize I’m a total dope when it comes to these things, but even after I copied a duplicate into my personal drive, I can’t change the values you indicate should be editable.

Thanks for investing your time into this!

You can modify the total sigils and how far you are in the branch (whatever I highlighted and put (edit this cell)).


I can make it work after I downloaded it as an Excel document, but can’t as a Google Sheet.

In any case, I found a way to make it work. Thank you again!

fyi - One of the 18 Gold Chests rewards was missed, so it’s 91 :slight_smile: . A teammate noticed; I gave him a gold star.



Found some sigils costs you missed; total worth is 25K Sigils with 56 prizes;

Skipped a number in your prizes (19), went from 18 to 20 :slight_smile:
Orange Egg/Orb/Dragon is 200 sigils not 150
Missed a prize (2500 Fire Shards) worth 650 before the sapphire stone


Thank you for all the corrections.

Now we can see where the nerfs are in this season


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Nice info!

As a beginner player it’s nice to see the gold stones have been made a little more accessible, the gap from green to gold was over 5k in fall which was quite a stretch for me starting the game with over half the season already done. Gold chests also seem a little more front-loaded, 8k sigils (for gold stone) got me 11 chests in fall, now I get 12 chests at 6k (where gold is now).

Also in fall green->gold was actually more expensive than sapphire->garnet->emerald which just seemed weird.

Sorry this is late, but it’d be nice to see another column showing the % through the line you are after claiming each prize to get a better overall look at how you’re doing.

There should be a column in there showing what tier you are at in the line already.
You can see the green line with Max tier Achievable with Current sigil inventory… It shows you how far you can get

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