Season Dragon mythic access



I’m saving now for the NEXT mythic hunter. :rofl:


Interesting. I’d like to see a table that shows that. I’d dive into it, but I’m working on something else right now.


Well I did up an example of what I thought was going to happen this season (estimating events and rewards as per how our team typically does in D2 (very conservatively of course)

And yes i’ve exceeded these by quite a bit, and the numbers go and change based on the fact that I got the first legendary branch completely discounted. I’ll show both the overall plus the discounted below

Where i’m currently at



Jesus no, but it is pretty obvious the mythics are more balanced at higher tiers than not. Far from being balanced, though.

If I just had to get to Garnet/Emerald on my alt and get Pathox, that’d be a hell of a lot easier and I wouldn’t have to work as hard.


Does this account for chests opened during first 2 weeks and the 50% dragon discount? Could be skewing the numbers a lil bit. :thinking:


Nope that was just the numbers for preliminary info, starting with zero chests, zero rss, no discount, etc.

I updated with where i currently am and you can see that the ruby count at the end dropped significantly and will keep dropping as i exceed my conservative estimates


There are certainly exceptions but most people in the lower tiers dont even bother to go for a mythic. They stick to a single dragon and then putter away whatever is left of their sigils. IF they could do what is proposed here i think a LOT of players would try for mythic and many would be motivated to push that little bit harder to get an extra stone or two.

But for this to be implemented i think they would need to adjust prize costs for the dragons to be more consistent. As it is now it is way too easy to get sapphire/garnet/emerald. The majority the the sigils needed for a branch are in the final two lines.


Alright so this is what I made real quick. Assumes minimum team reward (I think) but maximum team achievements and reasonable personal progress. Based on this personal progress you also get ~70k rubies a season so keep that in mind.

Individual Team Achievement Team Prize Quest lul Total
Feeding 2050 1600 875 150 4675
Fight Pits 1875 1600 875 150 4500
Fort 1750 1600 875 150 4375
Breeding 1800 1600 875 150 4425
Kingdumb Wars 1875 1600 875 150 4500
Fort 1750 1600 875 150 4375
Team Gauntlet 2150 1600 875 150 4775
Breeding 1800 1600 875 150 4425
Temple Raid 2150 1600 875 150 4775
Fort 1750 1600 875 150 4375
Fight Pits 1875 1600 875 150 4500
Breeding 1800 1600 875 150 4425
Feeding? 2050 1600 875 150 4675
Bronze 4000 6000 Sigil
Gold 350 7000 Sigil Legendary 15500
13000 Legendary 31000
Mythic 25000
Sigils Needed -300
SS Chests -2.6087
Rubies Needed -1304.35

Edit: I’m dumb. Forgot 1 event and the 100 sigils for doing 1 quest every day during event. Corrected it.


It’s a lot to ask for most teams to do the full 1600 achievement for PvP.
I think that’s more of an exception than a standard.

But yeah, it is definitely within the realm of possibility if you have a stockpile of chests going into a season to get the full 15.5k off the discount. I’m going to end the season net positive to where i started i believe (210 gold chests, 0 rubies should end with 220 gold chests and 40k rubiesish)


It is but assuming you acquire the perfect storm of players who can do it every time, you can get a mythic for free and have enough sigils left over to get level 1 Portia!

Edit: Also, I got the chest numbers based on how many bronze chests I’ve been able to amass in one season and the gold chests are based off finishing all 3 dragon lines and gold chests from event participation.


Yes, that is great for the top league in the game and I would be surprised if they didn’t get the mythic at least almost every season. Especially if what you say is true.


Perhaps. I still would go to my other point that it’s intended to be a more rare item and not something everyone can get.

Yes, but wouldn’t this mess up the average player who just wanted the normal legendary at a lower level?


:thinking: Probably off topic.
Why mythic and festive doesn’t have extra level for them?
I mean both have more power gap than the legendaries.


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