Season dragon question

Was wondering if season dragons that did show up would come back or if they can be leveled up when season ends if we where able to aquire

You can offcourse level them up after the season, however no more evolve stones for the season dragons from this season can be claimed next season.
They also won’t return at the season event pages after current season is ended.

Seasonal dragons and their stone are yours “forever” once you claimed it.


season dragons are not bounded by single tier. However to evolve them, you need evolve stonessss, which are only available to claimed in the season.
Claim the stones in the season and you can level up these dragons later on

The dragons will not come back, but you can certainly level up and train those that you have gotten.

I highly sugguest getting as far as you can in one dragon’s pages, because they wont come back ever and you can’t get their evolve stones at a later time after the season ends. This is includes the same season in following years. 2017 winter dragons are different then 2018, and this up coming 2019. Having several dragons casue you liked them all, wont get you far on any of them, so they will become useless rather quickly once you can’t evolve them any more.


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