Season egg token bonus not working

I finish the season egg token Bonus before the breed even, I got the bonus during breeding event but it doesn’t stack with the season egg token bonus, and now that the breeding event is done I’m not getting the egg token bonus from season. Can anyone explain what is happening?

Just create a support ticket and ask them to look at your divine season egg bonus. I actually had the same issue over a week ago, waited a few days and then contacted them. Several teammates and other LC peeps have reported the same issue with their accounts.

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Take a pic of all the token bonus prizes claimed and submit with your ticket - will save time.

My husband and i both got helpdesk tickets. Chris got Daniel, who quickly identified the problem and fixed it - for everyone (thank you Daniel)

However i got Monika, who is still insisting that the Wintertide Egg Token Bonus prize from Seasons only applies to missions done in Winter!!! And not Spring, even though we have been getting the bonus before the last game update accidentally switched it off.

Now it is GONE AGAIN!

We are absolutely sick of this. I couldve used those sigils to get Kayla’s armour.

Who is in charge of the helpdesk, because someone is right and someone is very very wrong.


Are you sure the bonus wasn’t from the breeding event? Because everyone gets a token bonus during the breeding events. And no, the egg token bonus prize from Wintertide doesn’t carry over to the Springveil season.

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If you’d already claimed the egg token bonus this season and it vanished on you, you could try deleting the game and reinstalling it (make sure you have a pocket ID first). I did that after my egg token bonus vanished on me after a breeding event. Reinstalling the game fixed it.

Um…here’s a clue above for you…:man_facepalming:


Same, Its been 3 weeks now and no reply from support just that my request has been received :triumph::triumph:

Winter season DOES only apply in winter. If you want the bonus again you have to earn it in the current season line.

If you don’t have the spring token boost then it genuinely is working as intended. It’s not a “unlock once keep forever thing”.

Thanks, but whos right or wrong is not the issue. Its that we have gotten several conflicting rulings about this same subject. There was some real mixups and we had been given wrong information about the token bonus back in Winter,. Now we are being given two conflicting messages at the same time. Someone is right but who is overseeing the helpdesk to make sure the right someone is actually right? Because… someone on the helpdesk is very very wrong!

  1. never trust something said by helpdesk
  2. you are probably getting the bonus confused with the bonus you get during the breeding event (these actually give you the same benefit and are not stackable).
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you sure that you and your husband were given 2 different information or you misinterpreted that “WINTER” will work on “SPRING” and only forcing that it should work on “SPRING

because as much as I believe that they do make mistake from time to time, it’s hard to give a wrong information about the seasonal bonus from 2 different seasons.

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