Season event predition list - please

Would the very kind person that made a Fall season events prediction list please make and post a winter season event prediction list as I found it very, very useful and I’m sure others did also :slight_smile:



They are not set in stone we can just refers to old seasons for approximation. In general it’s PvP - fortifications - PvP - breeding - PvP - fortifications… With a feeding event somewhere usually replacing PvP event and messing all predictions, make it three “peaceful” events in a row.

I’m at work tonight, but I’ll look at doing it over the next few days. Not sure how helpful it will be as I only got the first 5/6 events right in the fall season :rofl:
Kardul is correct with the basic format, however you have to factor the feeding event which happens every 9th week & can throw off the schedule a little.

Thanks, I know they are not set in stone but having an idea of what may happen is very handy for me and you were pretty good with the last one :slight_smile:

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