Season key ,what happened

Hi I just want ask what happened with my keys because I cannot spend so much money and get other :key: and unlock mythical dragon? All my keys I will seen in next season or I lose them or maybe I can swap them for a prize?

If you don’t get all the 3 keys, next season it will be: POOF


Learn from this season to grow more next season. If you got keys then you most likely have a maxed dragon or rider to play with which is not a bad deal.


Now you see the key :key: … after event … you don’t :dash:


Season keys are only available during the season you obtain them. Once this season end, you will lose these keys.
Keys don’t have any value other than a proof you have finished a full line. When you have three of them you can “show” them to receive a Mythic Dragon… Or if you prefer, they have the value of a third of a Mythic Dragon, but only when you own 3. I suppose both statement are true, so choose your favourite.

Congratulations on achieving one or several seasonal lines! Keep up the good work, plan wisely and you should eventually be able to get a Mythic!


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