Season Leaderboard Updates

Hey all,

Today we will be releasing a new version of the Season Leaderboard to further highlight and celebrate all your hard work in seasonal battles!

This is a small update made up mainly of UI changes, and the first phase of the Leaderboard 2.0 feature that will be launched later this year (stay tuned for more details!).

Please Note: The updated view will be displayed once a player earns leaderboard points as soon as the event is live and the Armory is open. Update details:

  • Team names will be shown on leaderboard for Top 1000 players
  • Callouts to previous season’s leaderboard winners
    • Previous season’s top 25 will have a gold badge displayed next to their name
    • Previous season’s top 100 will have a silver badge displayed next to their name
  • Players will be able to see their leaderboard performance compared to last season (green up arrow for increase in rank, red down arrow for decrease in rank)

Previous view (before change):

SeasonLeaderboard - Before

Updated view (illustrative list for testing purpose):

SeasonLeaderboard - After

Let us know what you think below! :smile:


… ok
:cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

I mean it’s fine I guess but I dont really see much of a point. I doubt anyone really cares about the leaderboards all that much since the rewards are nothing. If yall want people to be more interested in the leaderboards then maybe offer better stuff. Like how about base skins? Or again, make the dragon skins change the element of the dragon they’re on so they are actually useful. How about instead of these meh portraits they could have dragon portraits? Or like top 50 or 100 gets a month of atlas elite for free? Top 10 wins a dodo plushy? I feel like there are several ways that yall could improve the leaderboards but this really isn’t it.

I dont know about anyone else but I dont even look at the leaderboards other than to make sure Im in the range to get a mythic skin. That’s basically all they mean to me.


I don’t really see any use in this it seems like it’ll just cause glitches/ bugs to pop up.


Why just why PG? We all would prefer to fix existing problems rather than adding unneeded stuff :roll_eyes:


I hear you. But, I have mixed feelings about this. I’ll literally NEVER be able to make the top 100, let alone top 1000! So, while it would be super cool to have such exclusive prizes, if they’re confined to things many of us will never achieve, it’s kinda discouraging to the average players.

EDIT: while I appreciate some new changes, I just wish it was to things that mattered to the players.


Cool! I really dont care in a good way. Give the whales something to look forward that doesnt further the p2p/f2p gap :raised_hands:


Making top 1000 is actually really easy though. I mean, is it discouraging now if you cant get one of the mythic skins or the portrait with a frame? Or the old double mythic base skins? If it isn’t something that actually gives people an advantage (ie no chests, sigils, rubies, etc) then I dont see it as an issue. It could be somewhat of a motivation then for you to push harder in a particular season.
You’d still be able to see the cool base skins when you hit people

I dont know, it doesn’t bother me at all if someone has some aesthetic thing that I dont have but I might try a little harder to get it if it looks cool

No, but only because I haven’t liked any of the skins or portraits lol.

If it was something I truly loved then yes I’d try harder. But, somehow I end up between 5-6k. I can’t imagine giving this game any more of my time than I already do. I know it’s not ideal, but I hate the fact that the game doesn’t reward being helpful. My medals don’t account for the COUNTLESS runs I’ve backed throughout the last ~5 years. Even though you help finish atlas runs, you get nothing for it. Backing PvPs is the same. I used to spend pretty frequently on the game but I just can’t do it anymore.

And, it’s not like I’m a platinum player barely making minimums. So, I dunno. It’s kind of hard for me to imagine 5-6k people doing better than me (in a game that feels like it’s dying,) but I’d blow all of my rss in one season to attempt to reach 1k or less. I don’t know how you guys do it as E2P. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Conversely, I very much agree with your point that I don’t understand why people try so hard for a bunch of piddly prizes. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I swear pg is just trying to come up with the most useless stuff. Seeee we do stuff. 100 other things that are better than knowing who a whale is. Good job guys we know already :joy:


New changes sound cool but like others said I wish the energy was on new main game events, reducing chores and atlas.

Unless the UI team have nothing to do with those things then all good let them build cool new UIs :slight_smile:

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come on guys it looks cool. we need this kind new ul looks, same ui looks boring.

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Totally okay UI change and seems to make sense :+1:
Also not really gonna impact anyone other than top 100 players ? :woman_shrugging:t3: dont expect abyone to care :sweat_smile:


I like it.I am gonna push for top 100 next season.
Currently 183.Missed lots of points as i sleep 3-4 hours before event ends.I somehow always drop a lot of spots during this last 3-4 hours.Hard being asian on US time base game.

Also can you please increase the prizes 60 sigils 100 sigils for being rank 501-1000 is just silly and outdated.Improve all the rewards please.triple or higher could work.


As an F2P I pushed a little harder for 2 seasons and got easily up into the top 500… For the mythic skins… Not sure why, maybe just because… Anyway I stopped last season when they started releasing the same mythic skins as a sigil line. It didn’t become “exclusive” anymore. So now I just plod along and get what I get.


Same issue for me. Whats the point of doing well on the leaserboard if the perks are given to everyone?

Seems counter intuitive.


Have you updated the game to version 7.20 already?

I think maybe it only updates when your ranking changes or something? When I looked yesterday there were a lot more people without arrows.

Edit: Just checked and apparently I’m now “new”, funky stuff.


That could be the point, so after opening one chest it should show it.

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@Morreion you were right - I took one for the team and opened some chests now its working.

Damn PG guilt tripping me with that great big dirty negative number :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Whats weird though is I took screenshot after event and I was #69 this indicates I finished #90. Unless people didn’t claim top 1000 prizes before I took the screenshot.

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Idk I think it’s ok. I have a player that pays close attention to it and strives to be on it. He’s not made it as of yet but some players might actually like it. :woman_shrugging:t2: