Season Legendary Dragons - Unlock all Spells at Orange Tier

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I need a good Orange tier dragon for all the special events… Amarok doesn’t always cut it for me.

What sucks is when you get the orange legendary egg from season prizes, you can’t unlock the last 2 spells until gold or platinum or whatever.

Mythics unlock all spells at Orange tier, basically as soon as you hatch it.

My suggestion - PLEASE ALLOW LEGENDARY DRAGONS to unlock all spells as soon as they are hatched, so we can leave them at lower tiers with all 4 spells.

Thank you :slight_smile:

:roll_eyes: Somehow I see an alternative inside

Plus, some(?) players did well in those special events using Amy :wink:


Then you’re doing something wrong. Amarok should be all that you ever need to orange, maybe with a little help from Enki


Yep Amarok is a beast with some rare or epic Rage and Warrior ATK/HP runes…dont even need a rider.


LOL that last event I forgot the name at level 3 was very challenging even for Amarok with max gear. You know, the one everyone was complaining about because it was too hard. I cleared it but it took me too long and I want a more modern dragon with white spells :wink:

I’ll give guys all a like for giving Amarok props… but i still want my shiney new orange dragon with full spell kit :slight_smile:

This season has a mythic Clown-Cow-Spider :clown_face: :cow: :spider: that would fit the job


I mean I am all for the easy way. But the classics need some love sometimes.
Noelle has now made green dragons null and void. I dont think anyone will ever fly a green dragon again…unless somehow they missed out on Noelle.


Yes exactly, I need an Orange Noelle :slight_smile:

As tempted as I am since I already have 4 keys… I can’t justify spending on 2 more keys just to get an occasional Orange tier dragon to fly lol

Orange Ember for those who have it :partying_face:


Im sad, never got my orange ember stone…asked support about it a couple times…still no stone.

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yeah, purchase has to have been made within the 2 weeks prior

Yep orange ember is all you need :ok_hand:
She just bulldozed temple guardian and assault bases.

Amarok is all you need in orange…

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Durga and Amarok are your go to dragons at orange.

Legendaries gain their spells as they level. Mythics get them all at once which is part of why they’re stronger.

You could try to get a festive dragon they usually get almost all spell open for orange and last one at green stone.
Plus you will be over those tier very fast to care

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I think Amarok is still more useful than danav :joy:


I couldn’t get Noelle that season since I wasn’t playing consistently; Others who started playing after that season missed getting her to. That said, Ettin and Danzig do enough work for me during temple raid so I don’t feel bad about not having Noelle.

Great idea… too bad this festive dragon is terrible, it’s a rage sucker and no way to generate more rage… maybe next season though, thanks for the info :+1: