Season Mythic dragon



You do understand that the whole point of the mythic divines is that you have to unlock all three of the main seasonal divines, all the way through the highest stone, right?

It’s kind of like a badge of honor to get to fly Morphos, Algor, and whatever other ones there are. Kind of like how having the older divines is a badge of how long you have been playing.

And the mythics are a way to make money. And I’m sure PG makes a ton of money off of them.

I do not think that you should be able to get the mythic divine if all you have done is hatched the 3 regular divines. You should have to take them all the way before you unlock the mythic.

Oh, and I would love to see the stats on how many players have unlocked the mythic divines, by season. Any way to do that @PGJared ?


I do understand that it is currently set up that way, but don’t really understand why. I also don’t understand, if it’s supposed to be only for the really high level/really big spenders, why does it have evolution stones at all? Why not just a 2k unlock at max tier?

As you said, old mythics are still a prestige sign that you have been playing a long time (or in my case you used to play a long time ago and took a break). The current mythics can still be used the same way. Next year the mythic will have not been available for a year. All divines work this way to some extent.

I personally think that they would make more money if they allowed more players to buy into the mythics (as I pointed out in my above post). Players don’t just want the mythic to look at it being pretty in their den, they want to fly it and for that you need to have the one that is your current tier or better yet the tier above so you can grow into it. This gives more players than just the “whales” something to work/buy towards, and doesn’t stop the big spenders from spending to max out the lines.

I would also love to see some inside information on the stats of the player base:
What percentage of players are getting the Mythics? (in fact how many players are there?)
What tier are these players currently?
What tier are all the players in the game?
Of accounts who spend what tier are they in?


I have a couple mythics and they are a complete waste of time and money imo but I don’t think you should get them that easily. They are meant to be extremely hard to get and I think they should stay the way they are. I do wish pg would stop adding extra sigil branches halfway through the season though.


To reply as to why there are evolution stones for Mythics (or any Dragon), that’s because not everyone that get them are higher tier or even spending a lot, so there is still the need of milestones to prevent a player in gold tier from having a Dragon overpowered for its tier, and motivate them to advance in the main dragon lines, not only Divine.
We are limited from having overpowered Dragons by many things, level, den, storage, or having to hatch a certain type of Dragon, and those limitations are there to keep a balance in the metagame.

As for getting a Mythic Dragon the way you propose, it would be nice for collection, but I really don’t see the point of having four useless trophy Dragons instead of one you carefully choose to fly with you for months and years til Obsidian tier and maybe beyond. I was told and came to the conclusion myself that one (or two) Dragon that you bring as far as you can, which means max stone or the further possible, was the way to go. I did it last year for Skarr, and got his Sapphire stone (max). I am now beginning to breed Platinum Dragon, so I still have two whole tiers to keep him. A year of a very helpful Dragon instead of a few months.
I am level 126, I retired my green Dragon shortly after hitting level 84, and believe me you get to this level sooner than you’d expect, especially when you know how much of a jump in power it gives you. Ask your friends, 84 is literally the golden level.

So my advice is this : even if the Mythic Dragon was available the way you want, it would still be a silly move to split your sigils and effort for several Dragons unless you are confident that you can at least max out the stones on one of them. That is, if you want to play the game for a very long time. As for myself, a year after I began playing I am still hooked. There are ups and downs in motivation, but I keep going back to it, because it’s fun and interesting!

… I hope I didn’t digress too much and kept my comment useful for the community and the discussion. :sweat_smile:


I am 99.999% sure this isn’t the case. There is no way that a gold tier player is getting 77k sigils without high amounts of spending.

This counters what you have just said. Dragons are limited by our level via den level or feeding capability etc. For example, just because I have the sapphire stone for necryx doesn’t mean he is evolved that high yet. All I was saying is that it’s pointless to click the button 8 times, give all the stones for 1 click if they keep it the way it is. It’s not a big deal just confusing to players who only play the game and don’t visit forums/fan-sites to find out how things work.

Your advice is all good, and for most people the “correct” way to do things - even with my suggested change. However, I feel it would be nice if players had the option. Honestly, as I’m still a ways away from gold on my alt account and platinum is a ways off 4 solid gold dragons would probably be a viable way to spend my seasonal sigils.


I don’t see where it counters my previous statement. You have to breed a Legendary Platinum Dragon to be able to evolve Divine Dragons into the Platinum tier, so it’s another obstacle to overcome and prevent people to get powerful Dragons too easily on top of everything else.

And you didn’t always need to spend to get the fourth Seasonal Dragon. A teammate almost got one last year, it depends on luck and dedication, a lot of motivation and that’s right maybe not a gold tier player, but a platinum tier one could. Before the league system got reorganized and when double sigils drop were still in gold chests, but it was possible. That teammate could not buy anything in the store due to his location. So he did it all by himself, hardwork would have paid off if there hasn’t been an unfortunate event that prevented him from getting his big Divine.

You are totally free to spend your sigils any way you want, I was just trying to help you make the best choices and understand the consequences of those. As long as you are satisfied with your decision, it’s good :blush:

Dragon evolve stones

At first you said that evolution stones need to be given out over 8 different rewards to keep a gold player who doesn’t spend from getting a higher tier dragon. Then you said that there are other ways to keep a dragon from growing in power. The second statement says there is no need for the first.

What I’m saying is that having 8 prizes all open up when you have unlocked them all by maxing out the complete lines is counter intuitive. The even shows that you need all 3 dragons to unlock the 4th. Unlock all three orange dragons and have the mythic not unlock doesn’t seem right to me (or other players I’ve talked to).

I understand that, and agree with you to a point. But, if everyone was only supposed to make the right choice there would only be one line. Choices and options are available, I’m suggesting another one.


I didn’t understand that you meant to get all stones in one bundle prize after claiming the mythic :sweat_smile: my bad…

But imagine you are lucky to unlock the Mythic after all three Dragons are maxed out and you are running out of options and time to get enough sigils to claim that bundle of stones. You can’t afford to buy gold chests or buy a value pack, you used all your bronze chests and you have 1975/2000 sigils to claim all the stones for your mythic that you have worked so hard to obtain, and the season ends. In the bundle case, you will end up with a useless mythic and be very very frustrated and unhappy. In the case you used real money to aid yourself, this would not encourage you to try again I guess, and PG doesn’t really want to alienate his paying customers for something like that in my opinion… In the case you claim stones one by one, you end up with at least the penultimate available stone, it’s sad you didn’t make it all the way through, but that’s still a great effort. I think this is why there are individual stones. And you know what they say, the more the merrier :joy: I rather prefer opening 8 little surprises than a big one of the same value, just saying.

(Emerald stone bundles were hard enough to achieve for just one Dragon… Don’t ask for more bundles please, it’s uselessly stressful because you don’t know if you can make it at all without the bonuses in the bundle… :cry:)


Algor is just a season divine. He’s a legendary dragon. Not a mythic :grimacing::flushed::scream:


He goes from mythic to legendary during his emerald evolve (or did many moons ago when I did that)


I think you are mistaken on something

Spenders are NOT only high level players…

I know people who got all 4 season dragons at lower level. (Less than 100) You don’t need to be a “whale” to get the dragons. (FYI I hate that terminology)

The 4th dragon already has a short line with only evo stones at low cost, once there it’s easy to max out.

I don’t think anything should be changed. If it was easy to get all the dragons than what’s the point in having a special one?


It took me a while to realize that pg had done this. I didn’t start leveling him right away. Needless to say I have been salty about it since. :joy: I feel completely ripped off personally. How many people walk into a store and purchase a diamond watch only to walk out without the diamonds; having paid full price? Naaaaa, we’d go back in and demand it be made right.

When I asked customer service about it (The bait & switch I call it.) the answer I got was: “yes the dragon is now legendary but we can’t tell you why. Just know it was for the good of the game.” Say what??? The good of my bank account paid for that product. I didn’t buy a used car; as is, where you’re not sure what you’re getting. My car (dragon) was new!!! I honestly have not went for a mythic since. I mean what’s the point if they can & will nerf the dragon :dragon: jmo


Pg should add a unique portrait in mythic branch what you guys think?


Ummmm. There already is one.


Not for mythic one


I’d rather see some usable runes. I have enough portraits


Am I losing my mind? I don’t have access to the branches right now so I can’t check it, but I’m pretty sure that the guys on my team who got the mythic got a really cool portrait of a guy with a mask with spikes on it and blades on his hands, spikes coming out of his shoulders, etc…
What am I missing?


There’s no portrait for the Mythic especially. You seem to talk about the Ettin Knight who is a portrait of this season but not the Mythic. You will be able to check it in a few hours for the next event…


That’s the avatar of gargula.


thats the portrait for last fall’s season. The karnyx portrait u could get after claiming phasmos. It looks way different than all the rest. I belive that’s what you described… that was the only portrait in a final mythic line that i can remember.