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I’m assuming we are close to the next tier of dragons to be released. With that in mind why would you not add another evoulution stone to the Neptus branch, surely this would make sence?
Love to know your thoughts on this…community and PG.


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I don’t know how to attach a segment of a prior post, but they added levels to mythic obsidians. Currently they aren’t planning on releasing a new tier for a bit.

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Who said that?

I’m sorry I couldn’t find the post for it but it’s there. This is what I’ve heard, obsidians are very powerful as is.

I have seen things around that make me think something after obsidian is in the works. :man_shrugging:

Was the same place that other recent information was later proved accurate.

It’s all rumors. So… Idk. I’m Sure PG has plans. Suspense is part of the fun.

Based on the fact that whales have hundreds of thousands of tokens and are out of things to breed, I’d bet my own tokens that we will see a new tier soon.

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Whales? I’m taking those are really big players maxed all dragons? :slight_smile:

Interesting, they released a garnet stone for Phasmos before garnet came out, emerald stone for algor when the highest was garnet, and obsidian for merkt when emerald was new.

That’s why I thought they weren’t releasing a tier beyond obsidian when Neptus has no stone past obsidian.

Whales are heavy spenders. Hell, we have quite a few teammates ready for the next tier even. I’m about there too.

I wouldn’t use the stones as a sign for anything. They could very well add a stone with little push back.

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Maybe they stopped adding new tiers :man_shrugging:t2:

Hahahahahahahaha, oh that’s a hoot.


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